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J. Cahn , PIPB 1.20.17 (Photo: Na Navi Gallery/ajmu)
Restoration and windows of grace: Jesus and Trump
Exclusive: Joseph Farah asks if God has given U.S. 'a refrain from imminent judgment'
As someone who has studied Bible prophecy for most of my life, I have been bemused by some of what I have considered over-the-top, sensational proclamations and assertions by fellow believers about Donald Trump being God’s chosen one for a time such as this.
As much as I am thrilled with most everything I’ve seen from the new White House – from the key appointments, to the first priorities, to the consistency in actions, to the tenacity and steadfastness of his heart, honestly, I’ve had trouble swallowing that Trump is God’s Cyrus for the “restoration” of America’s greatness.
In addition, in my new book, The Restitution of All Things, I take a close look at the ultimate restoration of planet earth – what happens when Jesus comes back and what it will be like during His Kingdom.
Then someone posed this question to me: “Where do Jonathan Cahn’s insights fit in with the Trump revolution?”
It made me think.
People who read what I write consistently know what a profound impact Jonathan Cahn’s teachings have had on me personally over the last five years. When I read “The Harbinger,” it was like a life-shaking revelation. It gave me a profound new understanding of the importance of repentance in the life of a nation. It prompted a redirection of my life with a new emphasis on the spiritual things and less on the political.
Don’t get me wrong. I understood the necessity of repentance in the life of each individual. It was a matter of life and death. But there was something in the way Cahn explained 2 Chronicles 7:14 that gave me, I believe, with the anointing of the Holy Spirit, a subtle new way to understand what this meant for nation-states like Israel and America.
It was as simple as this: God was not expecting the populations of entire nations suddenly to turn to Him. Rather, He was expecting – and possibly demanding – that believers in those nations do so, if they wanted to see their countries saved from imminent judgment. It’s a familiar pattern throughout the Hebrew Scriptures.
That seemed reasonable – and hopeful.
And I absolutely believe America has been on the brink of imminent judgment.
Before I move on, let me ask you: Did you believe that, too? If so, do you think it’s possible that Jonathan Cahn’s profound wake-up call issued in “The Harbinger” and “The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment” and his other best-selling works may have been more successful than we thought – leading to a respite for America, a Sabbath rest, if you will, a refrain from imminent judgment, a window of grace?
Cahn’s teachings, books, television appearances and movies have prompted continuously the forming of prayer movements in churches, in para-church ministries and networks across the country. There have been annual days of prayer and repentance with, by all accounts, the participation of hundreds of thousands – maybe far more.
I’m entertaining this idea right now in attempting to answer that question from a reader – as well as my own curiosity and longing to know what’s happening in America – a seemingly shocking, perhaps miraculous, megashift.
I’m not forming a conclusion, nor jumping to one.
Clearly, there is only one restitution of all things in the Bible. It’s what all the prophets from Creation forward point to with hope. It’s what I have been researching continuously for several years.
But there are many examples of windows of grace in the history of the Israel and through the history of the world. I strongly suspect we may be experiencing one of the latter right now.
The dizzying pace of Trump’s complete reversal of the very policies that seemed to be dragging America down into imminent judgment is, after all, remarkable. Who would have predicted it? Did it seem even in the realm of possibility in the near term – in 2017?

The Mysteries of Eden

Jonathan appearing on TBN ‘Praise’ television program with Perry Stone and Joel Richardson 
(Airing Friday Night, March 3, TBN)

Shalom, to you my Friend and Co-Minister
 in the Great Commission…
Word for the Month & for Wed., March 1
Scripture: Psalm 51:13
See Message: The Anti-Marginal
2016 was a year in politics unlike any other in living memory, and likely in American history. The stakes in the 2016 presidential election could not have been any higher. The Democratic campaign for the presidency was, in effect, a crusade to seal the changes enacted in the past eight years into permanency. This includes anti-biblical laws, decisions, and executive orders- all changes sealing the nation’s fall from God. Among other things at stake was the appointment of Supreme Court Justices to seal America’s future with regard to the issues of life, morality, and religious freedom for at least a generation or permanently.
The election was a watershed as well as touching on the issues of life and death. The 2016 Democratic Convention was the most brazen in memory in its seeking to expand the killing of the unborn. For the first time in history, the Democratic platform called for the striking down of the Hyde Amendment, so that taxes paid by all Americans could now go unhindered to the funding of the murder of unborn children.
For the first time in American history, a major presidential candidate spoke these words: “Deep seated religious beliefs… must be changed…” The war against God had now attained such proportions that a major candidate for the American presidency could actually call for the altering of people’s faith in God’s Word. Why? So that abortion could expand.
And then there was Donald Trump. If a book had been written listing the top one hundred things never to do when one is running for presidency, he had to have done them all. The odds against stopping the election of the Democratic candidate and the enacting of its platform appeared hopeless. Poll after poll after poll showed a decisive Democratic victory if not a landslide. The media celebrated the upcoming Democratic victory while predicting years of Republican devastation. Believers hoped for the best, but prepared for a new future where they would be increasingly driven to the margins of culture and live under the shadow of persecution.
Then something happened - and nobody was sure exactly what. To this day, no one is exactly sure how it happened. What everyone was sure could never happen - happened. And everyone was shocked.
Whatever one thinks of Donald Trump- and there are many things one can think- his election was against all odds, and with it, everything has changed. The future that many were heralding as the end of Christian America, or fearing as the end of religious liberty, has suddenly been turned upside down. There is great risk, but also hope. In the last days of ancient Israel, as the people headed to judgment, God gave the nation reprieves - windows of time in which to turn back in repentance. Is that what just happened? I will answer that in the next issue. Until then, no matter what, make the most of your time. Use every moment to advance His kingdom and glorify the Lord. May God greatly bless you as you do!
Your brother and co-laborer
in His love and service,