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The Sign Of Baal Appears In New York City! See the Unveiling with Jonath...

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The 'Harbinger Man' writes about 'The Kneeling God'

He has riveted believers around the country and the world with “The Harbinger” and “The Mystery of The Shemitah.” As an encore, messianic rabbi Jonathan Cahn’s newest book, already abestseller on Amazon.com, is on an entirely different scale. It’s nothing less than “hundreds of Harbingers” and spiritual secrets being revealed for the first time in history.
Rabbi Cahn talked about his new work, “The Book of Mysteries,” in a recent interview with George Noory on the popular radio program “Coast to Coast.” He described the spectacular variety of the hidden Biblical truths he has uncovered in his latest sensation.
“If ‘The Harbinger’ is revealing a mystery and ‘The Shemitah’ is revealing a mystery, ‘The Book of Mysteries’ is uncovering hundreds of mysteries,” he said. “Imagine, in a sense, if you were opening up this ancient chest with what I believe are some of the greatest mysteries of the ages. Mysteries of the end times, mysteries of heaven, mysteries hidden in the writings of the rabbis, mysteries of your life even. This is a gigantic thing. And there are hundreds.”
Debuting at No. 4 on Publisher’s Weekly top hardcover section category, “The Book of Mysteries” allows the reader not only a year of remarkable biblical insight, but also the keys to unlocking mysteries that have endured for more than two millennia.
Below is an exclusive excerpt from “The Book of Mysteries:”
Day 84
It was a time of worship. Everyone was gathered under the large open-air tent, praying, worshipping, singing, being silent, as each was led. In the midst of it all, I noticed the teacher dropping to his knees and staying on his knees for some time in silence. It struck me. Later that day, when I saw him outside with no one around, I approached him.
“I noticed you were kneeling during worship,” I said. “I never understood the purpose of it. Why does one kneel?”
“To kneel,” he said, “is to lower yourself, to humble yourself. Kneeling is an act of submission. You’re submitting to another. I was led to kneel down, to humble myself before the Almighty, to submit myself to His will.”
“I’ve never heard it explained that way before.”
“Do you know what the word for bless is in the Hebrew Scriptures?”
“I have no idea.”
Barach. It means to bless but it also means to kneel. And who is it that blesses more than anyone else? Whose nature is it to bless?”
“And what is the greatest blessing He gave?”
“Salvation…redemption…eternal life.”
“So God’s nature is to bless, and the greatest blessing He could give is the blessing of salvation. But to bless is to barach, and to barach is to kneel, and to kneel is to lower yourself.”
“So for God to give us the blessing of salvation, He has to lower Himself…”
“Yes. And to give us the greatest blessing,” said the teacher, “would require the greatest lowering of Himself, the greatest descending.”
“So He descended to this world and humbled Himself in the form of man.”
“Yes, and to kneel is also to submit. And so He submitted Himself to man’s mockery, abuse, and condemnation. He submitted Himself to judgment, to crucifixion, and to death – the ultimate lowering … the cosmic kneeling … the kneeling of God. And yet in the kneeling of God, comes the barach, the blessing, salvation. To bless is to kneel. And He who kneels is He who blesses. And by His kneeling . . . we are blessed. And in light of such blessing we can do nothing less than kneel before Him and bow down our lives.”
The Mission: Whom do you need to bless? Be a blessing to them today. As God humbled Himself to bless you, humble yourself likewise, to become a blessing to others.
Psalm 95:6–8; Philippians 2:4–10; James 4:6–10

Excerpted with permission from “The Book of Mysteries” by Jonathan Cahn, published by Frontline 2016. All rights reserved.

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Jonathan Cahn Live Prophetic Event on Sid Roth's It's Supernatural!

WND EXCLUSIVE! Harbinger Man tells how to be 'plugged into' God

The latest book from Jonathan Cahn, “The Book of Mysteries” already is a hit.
It’s rocketed up to No. 36 of all books sold at Amazon.com and No. 1 in the category of “Classics & Allegories.”
But the messianic rabbi says the book is not just another devotional. Instead, it’s a tool to fortify believers in what he believes are difficult times ahead.
“If you call what is evil good you will end up calling that which is good evil,” Cahn said in a recent interview with Jim Bakker. “It’s no accident. We’re being told ‘be tolerant for everything, be open minded, don’t be a bigot.’ And then what happens on the other side? ‘You can’t say this, you can’t say that, we want to stop you from saying this.’ It’s the most intolerance we’ve ever experienced. It’s not an accident. And it’s not an accident that we’re seeing more examples of persecution now than we ever have before… we’re accelerating away from God.”
Bakker said he believes Christian media is going to be shut down in the near future.
“My fear is that Christian radio and television will be literally taken away because it offends people,” he warned.
Cahn agreed this is a possibility.
“We’re watching, and this is the template, this is what happened to Israel,” he said. “As they embraced immorality, they ended up persecuting the righteous. This is exactly what happened, days of Elijah, the Harbinger template, that’s that template.”
For that reason, Cahn said he wrote “The Book of Mysteries” to both strengthen Christians in their faith and provide awareness of the incredible secrets in Scripture which have been overlooked for so long.
“Believers, we need to be strengthened now, there’s going to be very challenging times, tough times, and there’s so much of God that is to be revealed,” he said. “There’s no end to the mysteries of God. There’s no end to the revelations of God. If the ‘Harbinger’ was the opening of one mystery, and the ‘Shemitah’ was the opening of another, this is the opening of hundreds of mysteries. And the biggest challenge I had was how to get this all down in one book. It’s almost like with every mystery you could have a book on just that.
“Every time I had like three pages I had to get down to one,” Cahn joked. “Every time.”
The book is riveting readers because of his immersive format, a choice Cahn deliberately made to make the story more compelling.
“I returned to the format of ‘The Harbinger’ in this sense, in that it’s revealed through a story,” Cahn explained. “A man goes into the desert, a traveler, he meets a man called The Teacher. Every day The Teacher takes him on an odyssey, on mountaintops, in caves, in chambers of scrolls and mystical things, and every day he shares with him another mystery of God. And the disciple writes it down. So the person who is reading this is taken on the journey, but it’s also something which is happening every day.
“At the end of every mystery, there is a mission the teacher gives the disciple,” he said. “Don’t just get this in your mind, but this can change your life if you take this mystery and apply it to your life. So it’s recorded as a mission given by the teacher to the disciple but it’s really for the person reading it. Every mystery has a way to apply it to change your life. Every one.”
Readers, including Bakker, were also awed by the remarkable physical appearance of the book, which resembles a priceless tome of spiritual wisdom. Of course, in a way, that’s precisely what it is.
“I want to do it [the appearance] as if it was a treasure chest, as if you are opening the deep mysteries of God,” Cahn said.
In another interview with Jonathan Bernis of Jewish Voices, Cahn further explained the incredible diversity and breadth contained within “The Book of Mysteries.”
“‘The Book of Mysteries’ is hundreds of mysteries,” said Cahn. “Hundreds of them. Many of them, as far as I know, never before spoken of. Mysteries of the end times, mysteries of heaven, mysteries of God’s name, mysteries of the Hebrew language, mysteries of the Holy Days, mysteries and keys which can really change your life as well. Just as there is no end to God, there’s no end to this.”
Cahn also provided invaluable guidance about how people can truly connect with God, and discover their own revelations.
“First of course the Word of God, number one,” he said. “Next, we have to be in the will of God. And we have to seek that. We can’t hear if we are all confused in the will of God. As much as we know God’s will, we have to be in that, and then he reveals the will that we don’t know.
“We have to be sensitive, we have to pray, we have to seek. He says ‘seek my face,’ that’s part of it. The command in the Bible, you know love your neighbor, love the Lord, well it is, but really the first command is Shema Yisrael, [meaning] ‘hear, listen.’ Before you can love, you have to listen. You have to be still and you have to listen. We have to take time and unplug ourselves to be plugged into God.”
The “The Book of Mysteries” will help believers do just that. Cahn notes it can be used as a devotional or be read straight through, depending on what the owner wants. The important thing, he says, is to implement it.
And if you do want to use it as a devotional, be careful. As Jim Bakker joked, “The biggest problem you will have if you want to use this as a devotional is to not sneak and read ahead.”

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Shalom! Check out  DAY 2 of Jonathan's latest interviews on The Jim Bakker Show (aired 8.30.16) https://jimbakkershow.com/video/uncovering-greatest-mysteries-day-2/Jonathan talks about his new book being released on 9.6.16, talks about America and this coming election...stay tuned for more!

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Jonathan Cahn details secrets of Leper King, Third Prince, Rains, more

Take one step down this path, and you will never be the same.
 Few books can really promise to change your life. A particular title may provide new information or a few hours of entertainment, but nothing fundamental has changed when you read that last page. You are still the same person when you finish.
That is not true of someone who reads “The Book of Mysteries.” Day by day, step by step, this remarkable tome takes readers on a year-long journey to discover new secrets about the nature of faith, God and life itself.
However, “The Book of Mysteries” is something entirely new. While Cahn has received international recognition for his discovery of biblical phenomena such as the “Shemitah” and the prophecy of the “Harbinger,” his newest work is far more intimate.
It puts the reader in the place of a spiritual seeker, receiving daily lessons from a mysterious figure identified only as The Teacher. Each day ends with a particular “mission” and verses from Scripture designed to drive home the lesson. Day by day, lesson-by-lesson, mystery-by-mystery, readers will find their faith strengthened, their knowledge of God increased and their lives transformed.
As they meet The Teacher, readers are transported to a fantastic new landscape. Readers will embark on an odyssey through deserts, mountains, ancient ruins, gardens, plains and encounters with mysterious nomads. It is an interactive experience, where readers follow up on what they have learned with real action.
Those who accept this yearlong adventure will also learn about incredible secrets and heart-changing revelations embedded within the Bible. Mysteries such as the Face in the Waters, the Leper King, the Land of Gezarah, the Secret of Third Prince, the Mystery of the Rains, and How To Alter Your Past are all covered, with many, many more. Each morning holds the promise of new vistas of intellectual and spiritual knowledge. And most importantly, there is practical follow through which ensures readers can implement the lessons taught. This is a “hands-on” guide to total life transformation and a closer connection with God.
Cahn’s background as a messianic rabbi allows him to seamlessly unite the Old and New Testaments into a coherent narrative, a single story revealing God’s plans for the world and for each individual courageous enough to begin this journey and accept these spiritual missions.
WND founder Joseph Farah called it a book unlike any other.
“Only Jonathan Cahn could produce 365 riveting daily devotionals like this,” he said. “It is the most fascinating, original, inspirational daily devotional book of our time.”
Cahn specializes in discovering the hidden connections in Scripture so many other teachers seem to miss, secrets which have been buried for thousands of years. By unlocking these hidden keys, readers will not only grow in faith and walk with God but will experience the joy, success, fulfillment and blessing which they were always intended to have.
As anyone would expect from Jonathan Cahn, this devotional also contains important insights about the end times, keys to understanding current events in Israel and the Middle East and information about the promise of Messiah’s return.
WND is also proud to present the special “Book of Mysteries Bundle,” which pairs Cahn’s latest work with his series of video teachings, created by WND films.
Each one is a cinematic tour de force of the most important revelations explained in “The Book of Mysteries.” For those who want to penetrate the deepest secrets contained within Scripture and truly discover the keys to spiritual understanding, the “Book of Mysteries Bundle” is nothing less than a giant leap forward for biblical students.
For anyone interested in eschatology, the hidden truths of the Christian faith, and most importantly, for those who want a detailed plan and a teacher to help them walk with God, the “Book of Mysteries” is a priceless treasure.
(Final Deadline: September 10)

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Pray God powerfully uses it
You can order your copy online
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From Walmart to Barnes & Noble
Available in digital or hard copy.

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Jonathan Cahn: The Book of Mysteries (September 9, 2016)

Shalom!  Here's Jonathan's latest interview on The Jewish Voice!  Jonathan talks about his new book "The Book of Mysteries".
Pray God powerfully uses it
You can get the first copies
By pre-ordering on line through
Amazon: amzn.to/1rl3YoV
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THE 2016 PILGRIMAGE TO THE HOLY LAND Imagine . . . (sailing on the Sea of Galilee, entering Jerusalem, etc.) We're going to Israel this November. Time is limited to get in. To find out more, use the contact info in your bulletin to get in touch with Coral Tours right away! Get the application and information at the Ministry Center. November 10th to 20th.
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Jonathan Cahn's Explosive Latest Bestseller Lays Open Bible Secrets-- The Book of Mysteries Debuts September 6!


(Scripture: Isa. 57:15, See Message: The Age of Desecration)

The metamorphosis of America (and much of world culture) from the mid-twentieth century to now has been so dramatic that it's hard to fathom. To help grasp its magnitude - Imagine if someone from the 1950s turned on their television set and instead of seeing what was on then, such as Leave It To Beaver and Father Knows Best, they see what's on television now. They would not recognize it as having been produced by the same nation, let alone the same culture. It would hit them as something apocalyptic. That's how much America has changed. And the apostasy grows even deeper.
On one recent Sunday Night, a T.V. program ended with a scene in which Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz is lying asleep under a spell from which she cannot be awakened - except by 'true love's kiss.' The scenario is obviously taken from Snow White and Sleeping Beauty where the sleeping princess is awakened by the kiss of a prince. Only now, there was no prince to wake up the sleeping Dorothy. Instead 'Little Red Riding Hood,' another beloved fairy tale character approaches Dorothy.

Instead of a man bending over to kiss the sleeping woman, it is now a woman who bends over and provides true love's kiss. This was foreshadowed in the recent Disney film Malificent, which altered the story of Sleeping Beauty, where, again, there is no man to kiss the sleeping woman, but a woman. It is Malificent herself who kisses the sleeping girl and saves her. It was part of a radical feminist reworking of the beloved story to make the point, that men aren't needed - The very same message being promulgated in modern culture - women don't need men, men don't need women, mothers don't need husbands, and children don't need fathers. It is revealing, as well, that Disney should make a movie where the savior is called 'Maleficent' which means 'evil,' to do as Isaiah wrote, 'to call evil good.'

So Little Red Riding Hood provides the kiss to save Dorothy, but it doesn't stop there. Little Red Riding Hood then proceeds to make out with Dorothy. The two beloved children's characters now become lesbians. So now in 2016 America, children across the nation watch as Little Red Riding Hood and Dorothy engage in lesbian sex on their television sets in the family hour, like a fever dream from hell as presented by Disney.

That we would ever see in our lifetime such a thing would be unimaginable even a few years ago. If you ever doubted that you were living in the end times, just turn on your television - or better yet, come before the Lord in prayer. No political platform will save America - only the Lord - and only through revival. This month I am led to make the same call, pray for revival and, beyond that, start living in revival, all the more consecrated, single-minded, and all out for God. And may God greatly bless you as you do!

Your brother and co-laborer in His love and service,