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Shalom! Pastor Jim & Lori Bakker welcome Rabbi Jonathan Cahn as they discuss The Royal Mysteries and The Harbinger Update. This is a 6 part show. Day 1 (aired 10/15/13) and Day 6 (in 2 parts aired on 10/23 & 10/24).  To continue watching all episodes of The Royal Mysteries, on the Jim Bakker just scroll all the way at the bottom of the screen page and click on The Royal Mysteries series to continue watching.  God bless! 
Shalom! Here's your chance to watch Jonathan on the Jim Bakker show (aired 6/28/13), perform the marriage celebration of Jim and Lori. Hebrew Wedding Celebration Part 1 http://jimbakkershow.com/video/hewbrew-wedding-celebration-part-1/

AND here's the link to Part 2 of the Hebrew Wedding Celebration

Monday, December 9, 2013

Shalom! Dear friends, please keep Pastor Jonathan in prayer today as he will be speaking at a private meeting of national leaders in Washington, D.C. tonight (Mon. 12/9). Please pray for God's leading and for those attending to be open the the word of the Lord. Thank you and God bless!

Thursday, December 5, 2013


Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2013/11/the-speech-you-were-never-supposed-to-see/#xtqiZgg77BuMiO8u.99
also watch/listen to the speech, and small excepts of  The Isaiah 9:10 Judgement DVD.

WND Exclusive~ Farah, Cahn bring spiritual army to Israel



Dear Friend,  As we close this year and get ready for the new, a personal look back: 

A Look Back… 

Word for the Month & for Sunday, Dec. 1 
Scripture: Romans 12:2 
See Message: Word For The Year 2013

It has been a most amazing year. We’ve seen the Lord continue to move in ways that we could hardly have
imagined only a few years ago. For those of you who have been a part of Hope of the World for years, you  
were the first to hear the teachings of The Harbinger through the ministry, long before it spread across the
nation. And for you who are new members, many of you became aware of Hope of the World because of
what God has been doing with The Harbinger.

It’s been totally His hand. We knew that The Harbinger was a “God-thing” - but it wasn’t only His hand in the message, but in its being sent forth to America. The Lord has opened the doors for the word to spread across
the nation, through the Baptist world, the Charismatic world , from TBN to Walmart, from Mike Huckabee to
Pat Boone, to Members of Congress, Senators, and those who lead this nation.

Most importantly, since The Harbinger came out, we’ve received reports from around the country of lives
changed, people saved, repentance, and the birthing of movements of prayer and revival in the church.

At the same time, America, in its mainstream culture has continued, accelerated, in its rapid descent from
God. When The Harbinger came out, American public opinion passed the 50% mark in favor of ending the
biblical definition of marriage. This is the tipping point. When a tipping point is reached, the momentum
accelerates and the dynamics begins to change. This is what we are now witnessing in America.

The signs of America’s rejection of God appear almost every day and are multiplying. This past year alone saw the Supreme Court ruling against the Word of God, the punishing of believers in one court decision after the
other for simply not partaking in sin, and the beginning signs of persecution for God’s people.

I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that the tipping point of apostasy and the warning of The Harbinger have
happened at the same time. Before judgment comes, God warns.

The Lord has given all of us, all of you who are part, a key role to play in the end-times. Your prayers have
been crucial. Your support has been life giving. And your giving has made the difference. These are critical times, but also encouraging and exciting. These are the days that test what is of God. And that which is proven, comes out stronger than ever – If the dark is getting darker, then the lights must shine even brighter – Just as in the Book of Acts.

Thank you my friends for all your prayers, all your support, all your generosity, and your faithfulness. Without that, we couldn’t do what the Lord has given us to do. This month set out to be all the more strong in the Lord – and of good courage. The Lord is on the throne. And we remain, firmly, absolutely, and definitively, on the winning side!

Your brother and co-laborer
 in His love and service,


Shalom! Here's a recent interview with Jonathan Cahn on Prophecy In The News (prophecyinthenews.com). Jonathan talks about the End Time Mysteries (series), Hanukkah and of course The Harbinger. God bless!

Photo Courtesy of
Ha Navi Gallery/ajmu

Shalom! See Rabbi Jonathan Cahn and Hubie Synn on Jim Bakker Show!
Aired on October 23, 2013


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CHARISMA NEWS...‘The Harbinger’ Follow-Up DVD Flies Off Shelves on Release Day


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Upcoming Event! Coming to Virginia: A special, one-evening only event with New York Times Best-selling Author of "The Harbinger" Jonathan Cahn, Promise Keepers founder, Coach Bill McCartney, and Promise Keepers CEO and President, Dr.Raleigh B. Washington. Worship will be led by Rachel Washington and One Body.
To learn more and register for this powerful night of worship and anointed teaching, go tohttp://www.theonemessage.org/events/one-message-event/
Shalom! Check out this article by Jonathan Cahn "A WORD TO KINGS AND PRESIDENTS,THE ACCOUNTABILITY OF LEADERS IN A NATION’S FALL" in this month's Decision Magazine (by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association).http://www.billygraham.org/articlepage.asp?articleid=9709

Check out the latest article by WND Exclusive~ GOD'S WARNING TO U.S. HEADLINES FOR 75 WEEKS...

God’s warning to U.S. headlines for 75 weeks

Harbinger Decoded Preview 3 minutes

Shalom! Check out the 3 minute commercial preview and do share. God bless!
The Harbinger Decoded DVD is available today!http://goo.gl/426MCv (click on link for purchase info)

ORU Alive 09/11/13 "The Harbinger" by Jonathan Cahn

Shalom! Thank you to Oral Roberts University for this link we can now watch/listen in better quality. Warning of Judgement: Jonathan Cahn speaks to the nation on 9/11/13.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Dear Friends,

Word For The Month & for Tues., Oct. 1
Enemies of the Human Race
Scripture: Rev. 13:1-15
See Message: The Resistance

The recent scandal involving the NSA has revealed what many have long suspected -- much of what you do is being monitored and stored by the U.S. government.
Each day, the National Security Agency intercepts 1.7 billion e-mails, phone calls, and other forms of communications. Those e-mails and phone calls are then stored. National Security Agency whistle-blower, William Binney, has claimed that the NSA has collected over 20 trillion transactions of American citizens.
Further, the whistle-blowers say that the NSA has the capability to do individualized searches to find specific transactions and e-mails by searching addresses, phone numbers, names, keywords, and phrases.
At the same time the NSA is now building a colossal data storage center in Utah. This center will reportedly have the capability of storing 5 zettabytes of data. To understand what that means -- one zettabyte is the equivalent of the data capacity of 62 billion iphones -- or the equivalent of the data capabilities of a stack of iphones that stretches from earth and past the moon.
It means that much of your life is, in effect, being watched, monitored, and stored for future use. This includes everything you do and look at on the internet, every person and organization you call, and potentially every word you say over such media. It even extends to what you do when you're not on the web or on your cell phone, as there are more and more "smart cameras" being set in place across America.
What does this mean? The Bible reveals, explicitly and implicitly, that in the last days there will be a one world state with the power to monitor every economic transaction in the world and exercise an almost godlike control on mankind.
Apart from its end-time significance, its immediate ramifications are equally chilling. It has been said that absolute power corrupts absolutely. The Bible reveals that man is inherently sinful. Take that sin nature and give it such increasingly godlike powers and the mix becomes increasingly dangerous. Combine this increase of power with the earlier scandal revealing the government's persecution of conservative Christian, pro-Israel, and pro-life organizations and individuals with the government's increasing powers of surveillance -- and you have a recipe for the kind of persecution implied in biblical prophecy.
Anyone who takes over a government, or who obtains access from government data systems will have the power to know every phone call a believer makes, what is said, and to whom, every e-mail transmission made by every church, every website every believer has ever gone to.
What does that mean for you as an end-time believer? We must realize the hour is late. We are closer to the end-time scenario spoken of in the Bible than we may have ever imagined. We must live our lives in a manner worthy of the times. And this should not lead us to fear. For no matter who is watching you, remember, your God is watching them. Lastly, it is a challenge to seek as best you can, to live a life that can be watched and lead to no shame, transparent, in the light, as a city on a hill.
This month, live in such a pure and godly way that if every eye could see you; you would have nothing to be ashamed of, and may God greatly bless you as you do!

Your brother and co-laborer,
in His love and service,


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9/11 Alert: Jonathan Cahn Will be speaking to the nation on the National...


The broadcast can be obtained live on Direct TV and on the Web at http://www.lifestream.tv/geb/index.php?id=gebuser for individual viewing or viewing in groups, prayer gatherings. Pray for America! 

UPDATE: 9-11 Prayer Live on GEB-TV

Shalom! This is an UPDATE on the call to prayer and repentance on 9/11. Please listen and share this update/video. And if you haven't yet joined the call for this event do so and go to the 9/11 National Day of Prayer And Repentance. https://www.facebook.com/911NationalDayOfPrayerAndRepentance?ref=hl

Jonathan Cahn on Eve of Rosh Hashanah on Dr. Gina Show

Shalom! Here's the link to watch the 2nd interview with Jonathan and other guest on the Praise the Lord show via TBN (Aug. 30, 2013) God bless!

Shalom! Here's the link to watch the most recent interview with Jonathan and other guest on the Praise the Lord show via TBN (Aug.29, 2013) God bless! 


Dear Friend,
A while back I gave a message called The Tipping Point. In it, I said that, apart from revival, America's moral and spiritual descent would rapidly increase. 
Enemies of the Human Race~
Word for the Month & for Sunday, Sept. 1
Scipture: Isaiah 5:20
See Message: The Maccabee Blueprint I

In mid-summer of this year an event took place of extreme moral, spiritual, and prophetic significance with far-reaching ramifications. The United States Supreme Court struck down the central core of the Defense of Marriage Act (D.O.M.A.). What was the Defense of Marriage Act? It was the act passed by Congress in 1996 which simply stated that for the Federal Government, marriage is the union of a man and a woman. In fact, it did nothing but recognize what had always been the definition of marriage since the beginning of civilization. But this summer, that basic universal definition was struck down.
In the short-run, the ruling means that the Federal Government will recognize gay marriages performed in the states which have legalized it. But in the long-run, the ramifications are much greater. The ruling declared homosexuality to be a constitutionally and governmentally protected right. This will set the legal framework for the legalization of gay marriage across America.
But the ruling went even farther. It declared that the drawing of distinctions between marriage as we have always known it and gay unions is to "demean," "humiliate," and "injure." Thus, those who draw such distinctions, meaning every Bible believing Christian are according to the United States government, those who demean, humiliate, and harm. Thus, Christians are now defined as those who cause harm to society. We must realize this fact. If a nation is going to redefine morality, then it will also end up redefining us.
Even Supreme Court Justice, Anthony Scalia, writing the opinion of the four justices who dissented, realized the ominous ramifications. He wrote this:
I promise you this: The only thing that will "confine" the Court's holding is its sense of what it can get away with. It is one thing for a society to elect change; it is another for a court of law to impose change by adjudging those who oppose it hostes humani generis, enemies of the human race.
Justice Scalia was looking at the big picture and the long run. And he was prophesying, specifically, that the ruling would not be the end of the issue but the beginning. It won't stop. And there will be another side to it -- namely that those who don't agree but who simply hold to what has always been the definition of marriage, those who hold to biblical values will be deemed humani generes, enemies of the human race.
In other words, as the prophets of ancient times pointed out, when sin is called righteousness, and darkness light, then the righteous will be called evil and the light darkness. In other words -- persecution. It's all happening with increasing speed. Are we ready?
We must look back to the days of Elijah, a man whom an apostate civilization redefined as a "troubler of Israel." And yet he would not be able to find his identity in his times or in the opinions of man but only in his relationship to God. And he would not compromise or bend, but instead be a sign to a darkened age of the light of truth. Let us do likewise, and may He bless and anoint you as you do.
This month, be a strong, undivided, and powerful witness to the Almighty, and may He bless and anoint you as you do.

Your brother and co-laborer,
in His love and service,


The results are in: The Harbinger is back on top of the ECPA Fiction best-seller list!

Here's a recent article published by WND regarding the 9/11 National Day of Prayer And Repentance.

94-year-old Billy Graham’s warning for America


The broadcast can be obtained live on Direct TV and on the Web at http://www.lifestream.tv/geb/index.php?id=gebuser for individual viewing or viewing in groups, prayer gatherings.  Pray for America!


Dear Friend,
Recently, the Lord opened the door for me to speak on Capitol Hill before a gathering of leaders and Members of Congress. In the speech I spoke of America's turning from God, the signs of national judgment, and I gave a call for a national day of prayer and repentance on 9/11. Here now are excerpts from the official declaration of 9-11, National Day of Prayer & Repentance:

Word for the Month & for Thursday, Aug. 1
Scripture: II Chron. 7:14
See Message: If My Peoplern"

The Scriptures declare: "Righteousness exalts a nation. But sin is a reproach to any people." American civilization was founded upon the Word of God, dedicated to His purposes, and consecrated to His glory. America was established by its first founders as "a city on a hill," a light to the world, and modeled after the pattern of ancient Israel. As affirmed by the Scriptures and reaffirmed by Abraham Lincoln in his national call to prayer and repentance, only those nations are blessed 'whose God is the Lord.' America has thus been blessed more than any nation in modern history, in prosperity, in power, in position, in security, in peace.

But America, as ancient Israel, has forgotten, departed from, and turned against the God of its foundation. We have driven God out of our public square, out of our culture, out of our government, and out of the education of our children. In the void, we have replaced Him with idols, greed, carnality, materialism, immorality.... We have called good 'evil' and evil, 'good.' We have profaned the sacred and have sanctified the profane. We have killed over fifty million of our most innocent and helpless, and their blood is on our hands....

Therefore, in view of the critical nature of the hour, we are led to declare a National Day of Prayer and Repentance to take place on 9/11. This is a call for all believers to follow the words of 2 Chronicles 7:14 to humble themselves, to pray, to seek His face, to search their ways, to confess their sins, and to take concrete steps and effective action to true and lasting repentance -- and to do this both individually and corporately. Having done this, it is a call to then pray for America, to intercede for its sins and its future, and in the name of the Messiah, to seek God for mercy, forgiveness, repentance, healing, restoration, salvation, return, and revival.

This call is to believers, ministers, pastors, churches throughout the land who are led -- to apply 2 Chronicles 7:14 in whatever way they are led by God -- in individual prayer and repentance, in corporate prayer, in holy and solemn gatherings throughout the land, in fasting, in worship, in intercession, in revival, in homes, houses of worship, towns and cities across the nation, as well as specially appointed gatherings and events in New York City and Washington D.C. ...."

My co-laborer and partner in the Great Commission, please join me in dedicating this coming 9/11 for prayer and repentance, and spread the word to your congregations, pastors, ministries, and friends that they would do the same in whatever way they are so led. Having done this, let us entrust ourselves and this nation to the mercy and grace of God that His will and purposes be fulfilled. May the Lord bless you this month with all the blessings of His love.

Your brother and co-laborer, in His love and service,

Please watch and feel free to share...

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Shalom! If you haven't yet gotten your copy of Ministry Today's current March/April'13 issue...its a must! There's a full length article on Jonathan & The Harbinger by Steve Strang (Publisher & Founder of MT magazine), also an article written by Jonathan himself called "A National WAKE-UP CALL" on pg 16 and lastly a Q & A with Jonathan Cahn. You can buy the magazine at your local Christian bookstore or order a copy atwww.ministrytodaymag.com 

OR READ THE MAGAZINE FOR FREE ONLINE AT THIS LINK http://issuu.com/charismamediaproduction/docs/mtma13?mode=window&viewMode=doublePage

Why America Stands With Israel ... and a Warning

Why America Stands With Israel ... and a Warning
3.19.13 article by Steve Strang of Charisma Magazine

Episode 939: Jonathan Cahn - The Harbinger 03/17 by Omega Man | Blog Talk Radio

Photo by Ha Navi Gallery/ajmu
Shalom! Jonathan was interviewed on the Omega Man Radio on Sunday 3/17!  Listen to this excellent interview by clicking on the link below. God bless!

Episode 939: Jonathan Cahn - The Harbinger 03/17 by Omega Man | Blog Talk Radio

Jonathan Cahn shares what an ancient mystery means to America's future—and your ministry.

J. Cahn (Ha Navi Gallery/ajmu)

Friday, March 8, 2013

Photo Courtesy of Ha Navi Gallery/ajmu 
Pastor/Rabbi Jonathan Cahn returns to The Jim Bakker Show March 6th & 7th for a Passover Event and much much more! The Jim Baker will be airing portions of this show via live streaming, however when the shows are fully posted we will keep you posted with those links! God bless! http://jimbakkershow.com/watch-us-live/

Friday, March 1, 2013

Word For The Month & March 1, 2013, A Chilling Inauguration

Dear Friend,
Recently I shared with you a message called “The Tipping Point.” Since then, America’s spiritual apostasy has

A Chilling Inauguration

Word for the Month & for Friday, March 1
Scripture: Psalm 48:14
See Message: Days of the Golden Calf

On January 21, 2013, the Washington Mall was filled with onlookers as the president was publicly sworn into
office. But the inauguration was significant for much more than this central act.

The inauguration marked the first time in American history that a born again believer was, in effect, barred from participating in the inauguration, barred from praying a prayer, because he believed what the Bible clearly says – namely that homosexuality is a sin. Just four years ago, Rick Warren prayed at the presidential inauguration. But now, just four years later, Lou Giglio was, in effect, hounded out of his place of praying because he had about fifteen or so years ago declared that homosexuality is a sin. This is a stunning development. Now, in effect, if you truly believe in the Bible, you are banned from the public square.

Those pastors who were chosen to pray at the inauguration, were all supporters of gay marriage, or, in other words, the ending of the biblical definition of marriage. It was also noted that in one of the quotes, the phrase, ‘under God’, was omitted.
Beyond all this, the presidential inauguration was unique in that, for the first time, the inaugural address included the issue of homosexuality – and far more than that. He spoke of “the star that guides us still, just as it guided our forebears through Seneca Falls, and Selma, and Stonewall….”
Of what was Obama speaking? Seneca Falls and Selma concerned seminal moments in the movement for women’s rights and black civil rights. But what was Stonewall? Stonewall was a mafia-owned bar frequented by drag queens, transsexuals, and male prostitutes. In June of 1969, the police raided it. The reaction was a violent uprising. The police were surrounded, attacked, injured. This was the beginning of the gay rights movement and gay militancy as we know it today.
What was the president doing by mentioning it? He was changing the American narrative. The star that was now guiding us (America) was the same that guided “our forbears,” the transsexuals, drag queens, and male prostitutes who violently attacked the police that summer day in 1969. The president was thus enlisting the entire nation into the movement of gay advocacy and militancy. Their movement was now America’s movement. Their cause and goal was now the cause and goal of America.
The ramifications of this for any born again and Bible-believing follower of Messiah, are chilling. The gay advocacy movement sees as its number one opponent, Bible-believing Christians. It has no place for them. So if America is now enlisted into this movement – there will be no place for believers: culturally, socially, or legally. In other words…persecution.
On the same morning of the inauguration, I was asked to give the keynote address at the Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast. The speech I gave was very different from that of the president. We’ll share of this in the future. (In the meantime, you can see it online). In a day when darkness increasingly rules, it is time for those who are light, not to be intimidated, not to hold back, and not to hide their light. It’s time for them to shine more strongly and more brightly than ever before. Shine strong, with the light and glory of your God! God bless you this month with His power and anointing to strongly and boldly shine your light!

Your brother and co-laborer,
in His love and service,




January 21, 2013 

Members of the Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast Committee, Senators, Members of Congress, Governors and government representatives, Ambassadors and delegates from other nations, ministers and people of God, friends, and media

We are gathered here in Washington DC, America’s capital city, on January 21, 2013, the morning of the Presidential Inauguration, with one agenda and one purpose, to come before the Lord and in His presence to seek His face and pray for His blessing, His will, and His purposes to be accomplished for this nation, for its government, for its leaders, for its president, and for its people.  And it is fitting that we do this on this day which more than any other represents the future of our nations.  We are here to inaugurate God’s own purposes.

We’ve come here from every part of this land and from every background and persuasion to stand before the Almighty, Who transcends politics, movements, and men, and before whom kings and kingdoms rise and fall.   Presidents change, political parties come, from ages past,  and go, and nation’s ascend and descend, but we come before Him who changes not but who remains the same yesterday, today, and forever.  We come before Him, before whom men and women, kings and prophets, peoples and nations have come to seek His face in troubled times.  We come to pray for America.

But how do we do that?  How do we pray for America?  Do we pray for riches, for power, for the success of our national agendas?  The Scripture tells us that God hears the prayers of His people.  But that we must pray according to His will.  If a man has a terminal disease, we don’t pray for an increase in wealth, we pray for healing.  And if a city lies in danger of destruction, we don’t speak flowery words, we sound the alarm.   We pray for blessing.  But true blessing only comes in the will of God.  So we must pray according to that will.  And we must not be afraid to speak the truth.  We must give voice what must be spoken.  We must sound the alarm that must be sounded.  We must address what must be addressed. And so this message will not be politically correct, nor will it be political.  It will be biblical.  It will be true.  And wherever it falls, so be it.  I will not hold back.  And if I offend you, I apologize but I cannot apologize for offending you.  Without truth, there is no love.   On a day that so embodies the future course of our nation, it is critical that we must both pray and speak what is true.

In ancient times, there was a nation known as the kingdom of Israel.   It had been founded on God’s word, dedicated to His will, and consecrated to His purposes.  And God blessed it with prosperity, power, security, peace, and a place at the head of nations.  But the people of Israel made a fatal mistake, in the midst of their blessings, they turned away from God.  They began to remove Him from their lives.  Step by step they ruled Him out of their culture, out of their government, out of their economy, out of their public square, out of the instruction and lives of their children, they ruled Him out of the kingdom.   They would still at times invoke His name but it was increasingly hollow and meaningless.  They had made themselves strangers to the God of their fathers and their foundation.

And as God was driven from their lives, they brought in foreign gods and idols to replace Him, gods of sensuality, materialism, violence, idols of wealth, carnality, and sexual promiscuity.  They abandoned the ways of God, the laws of God, the standards of God for immorality.  As the prophets cried out, they now called evil,’good,’ and good, ‘evil.’  What they once knew to be immoral, they now celebrated, and what they once knew to be right, they now warred against.  It was a culture turned in upon itself, a civilization at war against the very foundation on which it had been established.  And the righteous, who simply remained true to what they had once all known to be true, were now vilified, marginalized, mocked, labeled ‘intolerant,’ increasingly banned from the public square, and, ultimately, persecuted.  The nation’s culture grew increasingly vulgar, godless, and darkened.  They now defiled, ridiculed, and blasphemed the name of God. It was as if a spiritual amnesia had overtaken the kingdom, as if they had never known God or His ways.  And they descended into the darkest sins of the nations which surrounded them.  They offered up their children as sacrifices to the gods, on the altars and fires of Baal and Molech.  And they now stood under the shadow of judgment and in danger of destruction.

And God called out to them, to return, to come back, to be saved from destruction.  He sent to them seers and prophets to wake them up, to call them back.  But they wouldn’t listen.  They mocked the prophets and persecuted them.  And they hardened their hearts.  And finally something happened that brought them into the first stage of judgment.

But there was another civilization that was likewise founded on God’s word, dedicated to His will, and consecrated to His purposes, from its very inception – America.  Those who came to these shores four centuries ago to found a new civilization did so by dedicating it to God, committing it for His purposes and glory.  America was to be a city on a hill, a civilization to which others would look.  It was to be a holy commonwealth.  And so they modeled it after Israel of the Bible.  They brought forth its first governments in the name of Jesus and for the glory of God.  They established its first school system for the purpose of teaching the Word of God.  And they foretold that inasmuch as America would follow in the ways of God, that God would bless it, that it would become the most powerful, the most prosperous, the most blessed nation on earth, the head of nations.  And it would all come true.

America would become the most blessed nation on earth, a refuge for the world’s exiles, a light for the world’s oppressed, a beacon against the dark forces of tyranny which threatened to engulf the world.  America was blessed with prosperity, power, security, peace, and a place at the head of nations.  America was blessed as no nation in history had ever been blessed.

But something happened to the city on the hill.  As the people of ancient Israel, in the midst of their blessings, committed a fatal error, so have we.  We too have, as a nation, turned from God.  We, too, have removed Him from our lives.  Step by step, we, too, have ruled Him out of our culture, out of our government, out of our economy, out of our public square, out of the instruction and lives of our children, we, too have made God a stranger.    And though we still at times invoke His name, it rings increasingly hollow and meaningless.  We have made ourselves strangers to the God of our fathers.

And as we have driven God from our national life, we have brought in other gods and idols to replace him, gods of sensuality, materialism, violence, idols of wealth, carnality, and sexual promiscuity.  And as did Israel, so, we too have abandoned ways of God, the laws of God, and the standards of God, for immorality.  The nation that was established to bring the Word and light of God to the world, now fills the earth with pornography.  We too now call evil ‘good,’ and good, ‘evil.’    And what we once knew to be immoral, we now celebrate, and what we once knew to be right, we now war against.  American culture has become turned in upon itself, a civilization at war against the very foundation on which it has been established.  And those, who simply remain true to what had always been known as true, are now vilified,  marginalized, mocked, labeled ‘intolerant,’ and increasingly banned from the public square, and, ultimately, persecuted.

We have now reached the point, this day, that a minister was driven out of the public square, barred from praying at the inaugural service for the simple reason that years ago he preached a sermon simply saying what the Bible has always clearly said regarding sin.  It is a new America in which one can be banned from the public square simply for believing the Bible, where profanity it treated as holy and the Holy as profane, a new America where the Bible is treated as contraband and nativity scenes are seen as dangerous.

Our culture has grown increasingly vulgar, godless, and darkened.  We too now defile, ridicule, and blaspheme the name of God.  It wasn’t that long ago that American television closed its broadcasting days with sermons. Now our televisions and computers screens are filled with word and images once unimaginable and God and Jesus have now become objects of comedy and mockery.  It’s as if a spiritual amnesia has overtaken the land.  The Lord asked Israel, “Can a nation forget its God?”  And yet Israel forgot.  And now we too have forgotten.  America too has forgotten her God.
And we too, as a nation, have partaken in the darkest of sins.  Tomorrow is also a milestone of history.  Tomorrow marks the fortieth anniversary of the day that America legalized the killing of its unborn children.  Israel offered up thousands of its children.  America has offered up millions.  Fifty million souls are not here today.  Fifty million people will not be here, watching or cheering at the inauguration.  They’re silent, for their lives were legislated out of existence, even from this city.    And in order to hide the magnitude of our moral descent, we redefine words and change their meanings on this and other sins.  And yet a thousand apostate ministers swearing on a thousand Bibles will not change a jot or tittle of God’s word.   Though silent, they cry out in bearing witness to the darkest of our sins.  And God hears them.  And as He spoke through the ancient prophets to Israel, so His words now echo down to us, “When you lift up your hands to be in prayer I will not listen.  For your hands are covered with blood.”

The city on the hill has grown dark.  Its lamp has grown dim.  Its glory is fading.  For God is not mocked.  No nation can war against the very source of its blessings and expect those blessings to remain. And as it was with ancient Israel, the city on the hill now stands under the shadow of judgment.


How does judgment come to a nation?  After defying all of God’s calls and warnings, the nation of Israel would experienced something unprecedented.  It was the opening stage of judgment.  God removed one of Israel’s blessings.  Years before the nation’s destruction, He allowed its hedge of protection to be lifted.  He allowed an enemy to make a strike into the land.  It was a wake-up call to avert national destruction.  Nothing else would reach them. The strike was limited and temporary.  The nation was now given a period of time to turn back to God or enter into judgment.

This first opening biblical sign of national warning and judgment is this initial removal of the nation’s hedge of protection.  So it came to pass in America on September 11, 2001.  It was on that day that we witnessed the nation’s hedge of protection removed.  An enemy was allowed to make a strike on the land.  As with Israel, the strike was limited and temporary.  It was a wake-up call.  And for a short-time it looked as if America would wake up.  It looked as if we were on the verge of a national revival. People flocked to churches and spoke of God.  And then, a few weeks later, it was all over.  There was no revival.  There was no change of course.  America continued down it course of spiritual departure from God but did so now with even more fervor.  Eleven years after 9/11, the nation stands not closer to God, but much farther away.

As I saw the smoke rising out of New York City that day, and then as I stood at the corner of Ground Zero, a revelation began coming to me.  The revelation would take the form of a book called The Harbinger.  The Harbinger was release last year and from the first week of its release it’s become a national best seller, spreading across the nation and even into the Halls of Congress.
The revelation of The Harbinger is this:  There exists an ancient mystery that lies behind everything from 9/11 to the collapse of the American economy - A mystery so precise that it actually reveals the actions of American leaders before they take them, the exact words of American leaders, before they speak them., a mystery so exact that it gives the dates, even the hours of some of the most dramatic days in recent history.  In the last days of ancient Israel, before its destruction, nine harbingers, nine prophetic signs of national judgment, appeared in the land.  Those same nine harbingers are now reappearing on American soil.  Some have appeared in New York City.  Some have appeared in Washington, DC.  Some have involved the highest leaders of the land, even the president of the United States and they touch every realm, the political, the economic, the cultural, the spiritual, and affect every American and every American’s future.

The harbingers are revealed through an ancient Scripture, the vow that Israel made after that first strike of warning.  It appears as Isaiah 9:10.  Instead of repentance, they responded to the warning with defiance.  They said this: “The bricks have fallen. BUT we will rebuild with hewn stone.  The sycamores have been cut down, BUT we will plant cedars in their place.”  What they were saying was this:  “God, you won’t humble us, you won’t cause us to return.  We will continue on our course.  We will continue to abandon your ways.  We will defy you and even more than before.  By our own efforts, we will rebuild and come back stronger than before.

This vow of defiance would seal their fate and usher in their destruction.  And it’s the key to nine harbinger of judgment.   We don’t have the time to even begin to open up the mysteries of the harbingers except to say that they are all manifesting now to America, and to touch on just a few.

The Fifth Harbinger, the Stone of Judgment.  For this to manifest, a particular kind of stone must be chiseled out of mountain rock and placed on the ground of destruction, where the strike occurred.  Three years after 9/11, the Stone of Judgment appeared and was lowered onto the pavement of Ground Zero where a ceremony took place, with American leaders pronouncing vows of defiance over the stone.

The Sixth Harbinger, the Sign of the Sycamore, a biblical warning of national judgment. For this to manifest, a sycamore must be struck down at the ground of destruction.  In the last moments of 9/11, as the last tower came crashing to the ground, it sent forth a shock wave and a beam that strikes an object.  The object was a tree.  The tree was a sycamore.  The Biblical sign of national judgment - the sycamore was fallen.

The Seventh Harbinger called in Hebrew – the Erez.  This sign of judgment appeared in the sky at the corner of Ground Zero two years after the calamity.

The ninth harbinger, the vow of judgment itself, the vow of bricks and sycamores, as recorded in Isaiah 9:10.   It very utterance in the last days of ancient Israel, would lead the nation to destruction.  For this harbinger to manifest, an American leader would have to proclaim the vow of judgment from the capitol city, and it would have to be linked to the attack, to 9/11.  If you see this happen, know that it is a stunningly clear sign that your nation is under judgment.

On the day after 9/11, the United States Congress gathered on Capitol Hill, the same place where the inauguration will happen, to give America’s response to the calamity – just as ancient Israel had presented its response to its calamity in Isaiah 9:10.  The man appointed to speak for the nation was the Senate Majority, Tom Daschle.  He makes his way to the podium and presents the nation’s response.  At the end of his speech, the words of the ancient vow that brings national judgment come forth from his mouth. He says this:  “there is a passage in the Bible, from Isaiah, that I think speaks to all of us at times like this. “The bricks have fallen down, but we will rebuild with dressed stone…” He then speaks of the tree that is struck down.  He speaks it without even realizing there is an actual tree that was struck down and just discovered that day.  He speaks of the stone of judgment that is to be placed Ground Zero, which will come to pass three years after he declares it.  He has no idea what he’s doing, but the vow of judgment is pronounced.  Israel’s fatal vow becomes America’s and is recorded in the Annals of Congress.
And it is ominous.  It will set the nation’s course.  It will lead to the next national shaking, a shaking that won’t involve buildings, but the implosion of American power itself, the collapse of the American economy, a collapse that still affects everything we do.  In The Harbinger it is called the Second Shaking.   And behind this second shaking, this economic implosion, likes a stream of still more ancient mysteries.  We don’t have the time to speak of these except to mention this one mind boggling reality.

There was a day given in the Bible, called on the Hebrew calendar, the 29th day of Elul.  Once, every seven years, on that date, Elul 29, the nation’s financial accounts would be wiped away, all accounts of credit and debt, wiped away.  It was originally meant to be a blessing, but as Israel turned away from God, it became part of a judgment, a sign for a nation that had driven God out of its life, and pursued idols of wealth, a sign that strikes that nations financial realm.

The peak of the collapse of the American economy took place at the end of September 2008.  On that day the Stock Market crashed 777 points.  It was the greatest crash in Wall Street and American history.  When did it happen?  The greatest collapse in American history took place on the 29th day of Elul, the exact day given in the Bible to strike a nation’s financial realm and wiped out its financial accounts, the sign given to a nation under judgment.

But Elul 29 is part of a seven year mystery.  What happens if we go back seven years from that greatest crash in American history?  It takes us to September 2001, the month of 9/11.  But something else happened that month – the other greatest Stock Market crash in American history up to that date. And when did that take place?  The other greatest Stock Market crash in American history took place on the exact same Biblical day, the day appointed to wipe away a nation’s financial accounts – the 29th day of Elul.  The two greatest crashes in American history up to those days – both took place on the exact same biblical day, on the one day appointed to strike a nation’s financial realm, a sign to a nation that has driven God out of its life.  And as according to the ancient mystery they each took place exactly seven biblical years apart to the exact day, and the exact hours.  And there’s a prophetic mystery here, a prophetic warning, that if America does not return to God, that American prosperity and the American age itself will come to an end.
Since The Harbinger was released, that which was foreshadowed within its pages, is actually coming true.  The harbingers and mysteries haven’t’ stopped, they’ve continued to manifest.  In fact one of them took place this year and involved the president who is about to be inaugurated into office.  And one of the mysteries in The Harbinger, something called The Mystery Ground, actually involves this day, the inauguration, or rather the first inauguration of which this day is a continuation.

It was the day that America as we know it came into existence, April 30, 1789.  It was the day the nation’s first president was sworn into office, the inauguration of George Washington.  Washington placed his hand on the Bible and then gave the first ever presidential address.  And in that speech, on America’s first day as a fully-formed nation, is embedded a prophetic warning.   He said this:

the propitious smiles of Heaven can never be expected on a nation
on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and right which
Heaven itself has ordained

What was he saying?  He was saying this:  America’s blessing are based its relationship with God.  If America ever disregards or forgets or turns away from the eternal rules of order and right, the laws, the precepts, the standards, and the ways of God, if America ever departs from these, then the blessings of God will be withdrawn from the land.  This is the prophetic warning embedded in our national foundation.  And it is coming true in our day.   We are now witnessing America disregarding the eternal rules of order and right which God has ordained.  And the warning is, that if we do so, then the smiles of Heaven, the blessings of God will be withdrawn.

When judgment came to Israel, the destruction returned to the same ground where the nation had been dedicated to God, the Temple Mount.   The calamity returns to the nation’s ground of consecration.

After Washington gave that prophetic warning, he and the nation’s first Senate and House of Representatives, all proceeded on foot from Federal Hall, the place of the inauguration, to a site especially chosen for the nation’s first government to pray and dedicate America’s future to God.  And that’s what they did on that first inauguration on America’s first day as a formed nation – they prayed and committed the nation’s future to God.  That was the nation’s consecration ground.

If we can find out where that ground is, we will have a mystery.  Where did it take place?  It happened in the nation’s capital.  But the capital then was not Washington, D.C.  It was New York City.  Where?  The place where they dedicated America to God on its first day as a nation, America’s consecration ground.. is .. Ground Zero.  America was dedicated to God at Ground Zero.  The ancient mystery, the calamity returns to the nations ground of consecration.

And it was on that ground that the harbingers appeared.  It was in that soil of America’s consecration that the sycamore grew and was struck down.  And on 9/11 a shock wave went forth from Ground Zero and struck an object, Federal Hall, the very place where Washington was sworn in, and where he gave that prophetic warning of what would happen if America ever turned away from God.  It struck the foundation of America and put a crack in the foundation of that foundation.

And all around Ground Zero, every building was ruined or destroyed… except one.  Which one?  It was the little stone chapel inside of which they dedicated America’s future to God.  And why was it protected?  It was protected because there was an object outside the chapel which absorbed the full force of the calamity.  The object was the harbinger.  The sycamore.  You see, the purpose of the harbingers are not to consign a nation to judgment, but to awaken it to redemption.   For in 9/11 America was brought back to its ground of consecration.   It’s a message of return, for the voice of God is calling this nation to return, in prayer, in humility, in repentance, in hope.
And here we stand today on the 21th day of January 2013, in the capital city, on the same day, the continuation of that first Inauguration day.  And on that first inauguration, they gathered together in prayer and consecrated America’s future to God.  And here now we, who are of that future, for whom they prayed and consecrated the nation, now come together, on that same day, likewise in a gathering of prayer before the Almighty.

We stand here, centuries later, in witness to God’s hand of faithfulness and blessing on this land.  But we stand here also in witness to the fact that America has done exactly that of which, on that first day, we were warned never to do.  We bear witness that we have turned from His eternal ways of order and right.  We have turned and are rapidly turning away from His face.

And that is why it is so crucial that we have gathered here, in this place, and on this day.  For very shortly, the president will place his hand on an object… the Bible.  And I say to you, Mr. President, we have come here to pray for America, for its government, for you, its leader, and for its future.  We pray for your blessing and for your prosperity in the will of God.  For only in God’s will can we ever know true blessing.  The answer is not found in the agendas of man, but in that on upon which your hand will rest, upon the Word of God.  For everything else will pass away, but the Word of God will abide forever.  And so it must be asked, with respect… Can you lay your left hand upon His word and then with your right hand enact laws against it?  Can you invoke the name of God to assume the presidency and then use the presidency in any way to endorse that which clearly wars against the ways of the God you invoke?  Can you stand in the city name after our first president, and perform the act that he first performed on that first day, and ignore the warning he gave on that day to the nation.  Can you do all that and disregard the eternal rules of order and right which Heaven itself has ordained.  Can you utter the words ‘so help me God’ if you should in any way take part in helping to lead a nation away from the God whose help you invoke. 

We pray for your blessing in the will of God.  For if a nation that once knew the Almighty is called to return to Him, then so too must the one who leads it.

You will hold in your hand the Bible of Abraham Lincoln.  But do you not know what Lincoln said and did.   In the midst of the darkness that engulfed his land, a darkness he saw as the righteous judgment of God, Lincoln issued a call to the nation to return.  Abraham Lincoln said this:

It is the duty of nations as well as of men, to own their dependence upon
The overruling power of God, to confess their sins and transgressions, in
humble sorrow, yet with assured hope that genuine repentance will lead
to mercy and pardon; And to recognize the sublime truth, announced in
the Holy Scriptures and proven by all history, that those nations only are blessed whose God is the Lord.

And, insomuch as we know that, by His Divine Law, nations like individuals  are subjected to punishments and chastisements in this world, may we not justly fear that the awful calamity of civil war, which now desolates the land, may be but punishment, inflicted upon us, for our presumptuous sins, to the needful end of our national reformation as a whole people?..
We have forgotten God.  We have forgotten the gracious hand which preserved us in peace, and multiplied and enriched and strengthened us….

It behooves us then, to humble ourselves before the offended power, to confess our national sins, and to pray for clemency and forgiveness…”

So Lincoln sent forth this call for America to repent, to return to God, and to seek His mercy.  Soon after the call went forth, the tide of war would begin to turn and would ultimately lead to national healing.
The words of Abraham Lincoln ring out to us today – those nations only are blessed whose God is the Lord.
Has this nation now grown so far from God that we can’t imagine a president doing so today?  Mr. President, if you look to Lincoln as your model then dare to follow him in his actions.

For all the politics, and all the parties, all the inaugural balls, and all the voices of political correctness, and all the sounds of applause will grow still and silent, and we will all, we will each, stand before the Almighty.  And it will not matter then how many votes we won or praises we garnered– only this – were we faithful to Him and to His word.

The voice of Lincoln now cries out to us and pleads, ‘Let us humble ourselves, confess our national sins, and pray for forgiveness.’

As it is written and promised in the word of God:
If My people who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face, and turn from their evil ways, then I will hear from heaven I will forgive their sin, and I will heal their land.

We have come here on the 21st day of January 2013, to the capital city on the day of the Presidential Inauguration, for that purpose, to humble ourselves and pray, and to seek His face, and to turn from our evil ways.

The time is late.  The hour is critical.  A great nation proceeds in rapid spiritual descent.  And the signs of warning and judgment are manifesting in the land.  The shadow of judgment is upon us.  And for those who would be ask “How, in light of judgment, can one be saved, or safe?”   We give this answer - The word in Hebrew for safety and salvation is Yeshua.  Yeshua is the name which we know in English as ‘Jesus.’  Outside of Him there is no safety.  But inside of Him there is no fear.  It was for Him and in His name that this nation, this civilization, this city on a hill, named America, came into existence.  And it is only to Him and in His name that its problems can ultimately be answered.   He remains the answer, the light in the darkness, and the hope when all other hopes are faded and gone.  And to all who come, He will receive.  And He calls out ‘Come.

For all you who dwell in darkness, it’s time to come.  And you will not be turned away.

And for all you who know Him, for you His people, it is time to put away any shade of darkness and compromise – and take up the mantle of your calling.

It’s time to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world you were called to be, in truth, in power, and love.  It is time to light up the darkness.
It’s time to be strong.  It’s time to be bold.  It’s time to be radical.

The watchmen are crying out, and the trumpets are sounding.

And the voice of the Lord is calling to this nation, and saying “Return,”

And calling to His people and saying, “Return,”

Let the word go forth.  Let the power of God be seen in this land.  And let revival burst forth like a mighty river.

The voice of one crying in the wilderness:

Prepare the way of the Lord

Prepare the way of the Lord

Make straight in the wilderness a highway for our God

Every valley shall be exalted

And every mountain and hill shall be cast down

The crooked way shall be made straight

And the rough way shall become a plain

And the glory of the Lord shall be revealed

And all flesh will see it together

For the mouth of the Lord has spoken

Kumee Oree Ke Vah Oreich

Arise and shine for your light is come

And the glory of the Lord has risen upon you

And nations will come to your light

And kings to the brightness of your rising

In the name above all names that are named

Yeshua Ha Mashiach, Jesus the Messiah

The King of Kings

And the Lords of Lords

The Light of the World

The Hope of America

The Lion of the Tribe of Judah

And the glory of His people Israel


Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Jonathan Cahn's Unapologetic Prophetic Message to America Goes Viral

Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn (Sean Roberts)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New Release! Message to America Jonathan Cahn Addresses the Presidential...

Shalom! MAJOR NEWS!!!!! We have received word that there is no limitation on our posting our recording of Jonathan's Address at the Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast - MESSAGE TO AMERICA! Therefore as of today - for the first time, the FULL RECORDING of Jonathan's speech (including what happened at the end of the speech and after) will be posted on You Tube - HOPE OF THE WORLD CHANNEL - There will be an enhanced version made by others for television broadcast and other media - It's released! Spread it to everyone you know who needs to hear it - believer and unbeliever alike. And pray for God to have His way as the  message speads across the land.