Tuesday, September 2, 2014


  Dear Friend,
The Year of the Shemitah is coming. What does that mean...

The Year of the Shemitah
Scripture: Lev. 25:1-7
See Message: The Mystery Of The Shemitah II

     When I wrote The Harbinger (The Ancient Mystery That Holds The Secret of America's Future), I opened up something called The Mystery of the Shemitah. Ever since then I have been asked what will happen with the coming of the next Shemitah. It is now drawing near. What exactly is the mystery of the Shemitah?

      God not only ordained a Sabbath day, but a Sabbath year -- called 'the Shemitah.' During the Shemitah, the land was to be left alone to rest. On the last day of the Shemitah, Elul 29, something dramatic took place: all credit was nullified, all debts were wiped away, the nation's financial accounts were wiped clean. The Shemitah was meant to be a blessing, but as ancient Israel turned away from God, it became a sign of judgment which specifically struck the nation's financial realm.
The Harbinger reveals that the mystery of the Shemitah is still at work. In fact, it lies behind some of the most dramatic events of modern times. On September 17, 2001, in the wake of the attacks of 9/11, came the greatest stock market point crash in American history up to that day. But on the ancient Hebrew calendar, it wasn't September 17 -- it was Elul 29, the Day of the Nullification, the day appointed to wipe out the financial accounts of a nation. In the case a nation that driven God out of its life. And the crash was caused by the attacks of 9/11 -- so even the timing of that calamity had to have been part of the ancient mystery.

       In September 2008 Wall Street again began to collapse. The greatest moment of this collapse took place on September 29, 2008. On the biblical Hebrew calendar it was the same exact day -- Elul 29 -- the Day of the Shemitah -- the Day of Nullification -- and the day that serves as a sign against the nation that has driven God out of its national life -- and which specifically strikes that nation's financial realm and wipes out its accounts. And it happened exactly seven biblical years from the last greatest crash -- down to the day -- down to the hours -- and on the exact once in seven year biblical day appointed to strike a nation's financial realm!

     Since writing The Harbinger, much has happened - with America -- with even more manifestations of the harbingers, and with more revelations concerning the Mystery of the Shemitah. Does God have to do something during this coming year of Shemitah? No. Nothing has to happen. But could something happen, as in a judgment, a shaking, a collapse? Yes. The Shemitah begins on September 25, 2014. The beginning is rarely dramatic, even if something is to happen. It ends on September 13, 2015. The end is often dramatic -- if something is going to happen. Either way, whether judgment comes to America in this time or at a later time, it is coming. And we should be ready. And the greatest way to be ready is to make sure your life is in the center of God's will.

    The word "Shemitah" can be translated as 'to release'.  This month begin releasing anything in your life that has to be released.  Rule out of your life whatever has no place within it.  And may the Lord greatly bless you as you do.

      Your brother and co-laborer
         in His love and service,