Friday, September 19, 2014


Hi Everybody,

Thank you all for your prayers!

Just as we approached the day of the release for the new book, I was rushed to the hospital. It turned out to be Pneumonia. I had to cancel all media appearances with the new book. But two days later I was rushed back to the hospital. I was finding it harder and harder to walk, agony to get up or sit down. I had to inch my way backwards to go down stairs. And then my hands started losing motion. I couldn't even hold a glass or a phone to my ear. They admitted me to the hospital and ran tests. They were puzzled. It turned out it was a rare case of pneumonia that attacks the muscular system. Toward the end of the week, there was a sudden turn around, the pain throughout my body disappeared. I could walk with no problem. The movement in my hands began to return, step by step. I was just released from the hospital. I’m not one hundred percent, but much much stronger. A few days after being released from the hospital I was in Washington DC sharing with members of congress.

Meanwhile, apparently the Lord doesn't need my help! The Mystery of the Shemitah charted its first day as the number 5 book in the world! After 4 days, I was told it was already going into its 3rd reprint. And it has been breaking records set by The Harbinger. Pray that the word continues to go forth and reaches all who need to hear it. The purpose is revival.

Thank you again for all your prayers! They were and are crucial.

God greatly bless you!
Yours in His love and service