Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Dear Friend, I stood there in front of the Supreme Court on May 28, 2015, the day the court heard the case to decide the future of marriage in America. There on the steps, I interceded for America, joined by a faithful remnant of God's people, some with signs, some in sackcloth, all with a sense of foreboding.

Desecration & Judgement
Word for the Month & for Tuesday, Sept. 1
Scripture: Isa. 34:1
See Messages: The American Prophecies 

The following night, I stood on Capitol Hill before a gathering of leaders and members of Congress and addressed words to the court and the president and all who would hear, that to strike down what God Himself had created and ordained, would be to cross a fateful line, and to invoke the judgment of the Almighty.

The next evening, I spoke in Federal Hall, in New York City, on the same ground, on the same day where our nation's first President, in the first ever presidential address uttered a prophetic warning: "The propitious smiles of heaven can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and right that Heaven itself hath ordained..."

The warning, in essence was this: If America should ever turn away from God's eternal order and ways, God's blessings would be removed from the land. If any event could ever constitute America's disregarding the "eternal rules of order and right that Heaven itself hath ordained" it would have to be the striking down of the biblical definition of marriage as given in the word of God. The day of which Washington warned is now. It arrived, as the president said in its celebration, as a "thunderbolt." We have crossed the line.

Since the first sharing of The Harbinger, I have warned that we are progressing down the same road of judgment as went ancient Israel, accompanied by the same prophetic warning signs as appeared in Israel's last days. We are now closer to that day.

One of the last signs to provoke a nation's judgment is that of desecration. When the palace court of Babylon, under the king's orders, partied to the gods and drank wine from the sacred vessels of God's Temple in Jerusalem, it was then, that the handwriting appeared on the wall, and then that judgment came.

The rainbow is a sacred vessel of God, a holy sign of His covenant. Bu twe have now taken that sacred sign of covenant and transformed it into an object of desecration, having joined it to the desecration of marriage. It was not only that the sign of the rainbow was raised to the heavens in celebration of this desecration, but on the night of America's desecration of marriage, the president caused the walls of the White House, the highest house in the land, to be illuminated in the colors of the rainbow, God's holy vessel, to celebrate the desecration of God's holy order. The American White House had now become a vessel of desecration. The template of The Harbinger is playing out as it did in the last days of ancient Israel -- a nation having been warned of judgment, responds by shaking its collective fist toward the heavens in defiance. America's desecration of God's order was a tectonic moment -- enough to provoke a tectonic judgment. I have said over and over, that I believe a great shaking is coming. Does that mean there's no hope of revival? Just the opposite. I believe the only way revival will come is through shaking. Pray for America, for its return to God. And let that revival begin here and now, even today... with you. And may the Lord greatly anoint you -- as revival begins.

Your brother and co-laborer in His love and service,


Wednesday, August 26, 2015


WATCHMAN WORLD REPORT~ 23 Nations Around the World  Where Stock Market Crashes Are Already Happening!
Shalom! Here'S the PREPAREDNESS SHEET #6 INFO. handed out at the Beth Israel Jerusalem Center. A new sheet will be given out after every service over the the course of the next few weeks,Each week will cover a Different Focus and Area of preparedness.
**Two cautions that Pastor/Rabbi Jonathan Cahn has given REPEATEDLY: 1) Nothing has to happen this autumn, God is Sovereign and we can’t put Him in a box 2) Second caution: It could happen at this time. And Pastor Jonathan believes that, regardless of when it takes place, within the Shemitah or beyond, a great shaking is coming. And in any case, the keys of preparation, or disaster preparedness, is something that is wise to do and have on hand regardless, as a matter of wisdom.**
God bless!


COMPUTER & DATA BACK UP – Calamities can disable or depower computers, ipads, ipods, and many other “smart” devices - wipe out data, end communication, etc.  
Some keys that can help:  Back up your computers and computer based devices regularly – An external hard drive, flash drive, disk, etc.

Make Hard Copies of Most Important E Documents & Files – Print & safeguard

Make Soft Copies of Most Important Hard Documents – Scan - Save

Make Hard & Soft Copies of Most Important Info  (Accounts – Passwords – Etc.)

Write Down Important Information – Important telephone numbers, police, fire, paramedics, medical centers, insurance, power and water companies, bank, etc.

COMPUTER & DEVICE FUNCTIONING – Power overloads and calamities such as EMPs can disable devices, and wipe data clean – Some potential ways of helping

Metal Containers – A homemade recommendation that could help in protection from radiation or EMP wipe out of data – involves using metal containers or garbage cans, inside which are heavy duty aluminum foil-lined cardboard boxes.

Faraday Bags (Soft Metallic Containers)– “Faraday” bags are available online – aluminum foil like bags, containers in which one may place Iphones – IPads – Hard drives – Flash Drives – Etc. Anything that contains data information

Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil – are used by some as an inexpensive alternate – to line containers or wrap the actual devices

Surge Protectors – Data or Computer damage can also be caused by power surges – Surge protectors and surge resistant power strips are widely available

COMMUNICATION – In the midst of a major calamity, communication can be cut off, internet down, cellular service down, regular broadcasting down, etc.  One potential help for getting information:
Radio – Shortwave & Emergency Stations:  Shortwave radio receives signals from around the world – And these are available with alternate power sources such as Solar – Hand Crank - & Electrical recharge

For Use of Computer or other Electrical Devices – See Prep Sheet #4


Prepare not just to help yourself, but to help and bless others as a light to the world


Make sure your Life is right with God

Whatever should not be in your life, with God’s power, get it out

Whatever should be in your life but is not, commit and consecrate yourself to it

Commit to growing stronger in Daily Prayer and time with God

Commit to growing stronger in Daily Time in the Word of God

Commit to following His will each day, more than ever

Commit to becoming bold in spreading the Gospel to all who need to hear it

Commit to living as  a true Disciple, all out, on fire, single-minded, total – to become the person God made you to be

Pray for revival, ready yourself for revival, and live in revival now

* NOTE & DISCLAIMER– This sheet is just a guide to give keys to help as best we can – gathered from various sources (concerning which and concerning the facts therein we are in no position to verify) – It is not to be taken as authoritative, exhaustive, or complete, or containing every detail needed even concerning the steps or facts outlined –  And there could be errors.  The reader takes full responsibility to investigate, verify, check all information for his or herself, and proceed accordingly and is responsible for the results and any risk or consequence involved
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Shalom! Here's the link Jonathan's interview on COAST TO COAST AM with George Noory from Aug. 10, 2015. (NOTE: in order to listen to the interview you must sign up with the website). God bless!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

New movie chronicles life of messianic rabbi Jonathan Cahn
Jonathan Cahn named, along with Billy Graham, Pat Robertson, Keith Greene, Bill Bright, and others, as one of the 40 people of the past 4 decades, who “Radically Changed Our World”