Wednesday, September 7, 2016



Jonathan Cahn details secrets of Leper King, Third Prince, Rains, more

Take one step down this path, and you will never be the same.
 Few books can really promise to change your life. A particular title may provide new information or a few hours of entertainment, but nothing fundamental has changed when you read that last page. You are still the same person when you finish.
That is not true of someone who reads “The Book of Mysteries.” Day by day, step by step, this remarkable tome takes readers on a year-long journey to discover new secrets about the nature of faith, God and life itself.
However, “The Book of Mysteries” is something entirely new. While Cahn has received international recognition for his discovery of biblical phenomena such as the “Shemitah” and the prophecy of the “Harbinger,” his newest work is far more intimate.
It puts the reader in the place of a spiritual seeker, receiving daily lessons from a mysterious figure identified only as The Teacher. Each day ends with a particular “mission” and verses from Scripture designed to drive home the lesson. Day by day, lesson-by-lesson, mystery-by-mystery, readers will find their faith strengthened, their knowledge of God increased and their lives transformed.
As they meet The Teacher, readers are transported to a fantastic new landscape. Readers will embark on an odyssey through deserts, mountains, ancient ruins, gardens, plains and encounters with mysterious nomads. It is an interactive experience, where readers follow up on what they have learned with real action.
Those who accept this yearlong adventure will also learn about incredible secrets and heart-changing revelations embedded within the Bible. Mysteries such as the Face in the Waters, the Leper King, the Land of Gezarah, the Secret of Third Prince, the Mystery of the Rains, and How To Alter Your Past are all covered, with many, many more. Each morning holds the promise of new vistas of intellectual and spiritual knowledge. And most importantly, there is practical follow through which ensures readers can implement the lessons taught. This is a “hands-on” guide to total life transformation and a closer connection with God.
Cahn’s background as a messianic rabbi allows him to seamlessly unite the Old and New Testaments into a coherent narrative, a single story revealing God’s plans for the world and for each individual courageous enough to begin this journey and accept these spiritual missions.
WND founder Joseph Farah called it a book unlike any other.
“Only Jonathan Cahn could produce 365 riveting daily devotionals like this,” he said. “It is the most fascinating, original, inspirational daily devotional book of our time.”
Cahn specializes in discovering the hidden connections in Scripture so many other teachers seem to miss, secrets which have been buried for thousands of years. By unlocking these hidden keys, readers will not only grow in faith and walk with God but will experience the joy, success, fulfillment and blessing which they were always intended to have.
As anyone would expect from Jonathan Cahn, this devotional also contains important insights about the end times, keys to understanding current events in Israel and the Middle East and information about the promise of Messiah’s return.
WND is also proud to present the special “Book of Mysteries Bundle,” which pairs Cahn’s latest work with his series of video teachings, created by WND films.
Each one is a cinematic tour de force of the most important revelations explained in “The Book of Mysteries.” For those who want to penetrate the deepest secrets contained within Scripture and truly discover the keys to spiritual understanding, the “Book of Mysteries Bundle” is nothing less than a giant leap forward for biblical students.
For anyone interested in eschatology, the hidden truths of the Christian faith, and most importantly, for those who want a detailed plan and a teacher to help them walk with God, the “Book of Mysteries” is a priceless treasure.