Friday, September 16, 2016

WND EXCLUSIVE! Harbinger Man tells how to be 'plugged into' God

The latest book from Jonathan Cahn, “The Book of Mysteries” already is a hit.
It’s rocketed up to No. 36 of all books sold at and No. 1 in the category of “Classics & Allegories.”
But the messianic rabbi says the book is not just another devotional. Instead, it’s a tool to fortify believers in what he believes are difficult times ahead.
“If you call what is evil good you will end up calling that which is good evil,” Cahn said in a recent interview with Jim Bakker. “It’s no accident. We’re being told ‘be tolerant for everything, be open minded, don’t be a bigot.’ And then what happens on the other side? ‘You can’t say this, you can’t say that, we want to stop you from saying this.’ It’s the most intolerance we’ve ever experienced. It’s not an accident. And it’s not an accident that we’re seeing more examples of persecution now than we ever have before… we’re accelerating away from God.”
Bakker said he believes Christian media is going to be shut down in the near future.
“My fear is that Christian radio and television will be literally taken away because it offends people,” he warned.
Cahn agreed this is a possibility.
“We’re watching, and this is the template, this is what happened to Israel,” he said. “As they embraced immorality, they ended up persecuting the righteous. This is exactly what happened, days of Elijah, the Harbinger template, that’s that template.”
For that reason, Cahn said he wrote “The Book of Mysteries” to both strengthen Christians in their faith and provide awareness of the incredible secrets in Scripture which have been overlooked for so long.
“Believers, we need to be strengthened now, there’s going to be very challenging times, tough times, and there’s so much of God that is to be revealed,” he said. “There’s no end to the mysteries of God. There’s no end to the revelations of God. If the ‘Harbinger’ was the opening of one mystery, and the ‘Shemitah’ was the opening of another, this is the opening of hundreds of mysteries. And the biggest challenge I had was how to get this all down in one book. It’s almost like with every mystery you could have a book on just that.
“Every time I had like three pages I had to get down to one,” Cahn joked. “Every time.”
The book is riveting readers because of his immersive format, a choice Cahn deliberately made to make the story more compelling.
“I returned to the format of ‘The Harbinger’ in this sense, in that it’s revealed through a story,” Cahn explained. “A man goes into the desert, a traveler, he meets a man called The Teacher. Every day The Teacher takes him on an odyssey, on mountaintops, in caves, in chambers of scrolls and mystical things, and every day he shares with him another mystery of God. And the disciple writes it down. So the person who is reading this is taken on the journey, but it’s also something which is happening every day.
“At the end of every mystery, there is a mission the teacher gives the disciple,” he said. “Don’t just get this in your mind, but this can change your life if you take this mystery and apply it to your life. So it’s recorded as a mission given by the teacher to the disciple but it’s really for the person reading it. Every mystery has a way to apply it to change your life. Every one.”
Readers, including Bakker, were also awed by the remarkable physical appearance of the book, which resembles a priceless tome of spiritual wisdom. Of course, in a way, that’s precisely what it is.
“I want to do it [the appearance] as if it was a treasure chest, as if you are opening the deep mysteries of God,” Cahn said.
In another interview with Jonathan Bernis of Jewish Voices, Cahn further explained the incredible diversity and breadth contained within “The Book of Mysteries.”
“‘The Book of Mysteries’ is hundreds of mysteries,” said Cahn. “Hundreds of them. Many of them, as far as I know, never before spoken of. Mysteries of the end times, mysteries of heaven, mysteries of God’s name, mysteries of the Hebrew language, mysteries of the Holy Days, mysteries and keys which can really change your life as well. Just as there is no end to God, there’s no end to this.”
Cahn also provided invaluable guidance about how people can truly connect with God, and discover their own revelations.
“First of course the Word of God, number one,” he said. “Next, we have to be in the will of God. And we have to seek that. We can’t hear if we are all confused in the will of God. As much as we know God’s will, we have to be in that, and then he reveals the will that we don’t know.
“We have to be sensitive, we have to pray, we have to seek. He says ‘seek my face,’ that’s part of it. The command in the Bible, you know love your neighbor, love the Lord, well it is, but really the first command is Shema Yisrael, [meaning] ‘hear, listen.’ Before you can love, you have to listen. You have to be still and you have to listen. We have to take time and unplug ourselves to be plugged into God.”
The “The Book of Mysteries” will help believers do just that. Cahn notes it can be used as a devotional or be read straight through, depending on what the owner wants. The important thing, he says, is to implement it.
And if you do want to use it as a devotional, be careful. As Jim Bakker joked, “The biggest problem you will have if you want to use this as a devotional is to not sneak and read ahead.”