Saturday, August 1, 2015

Dear Friend,
Elijah lived in days of apostasy and he overcame. We live in similar times. What were Elijah’s secrets?
Word for the Month & for Saturday, Aug. 1
Scripture: Ps. 144:15
See Message: The Elijah Generation
Don’t Let the Culture Define You: When King Ahab called Elijah the “troubler of Israel,” Elijah rejected it and gave it back to Ahab. The nature of apostasy is to redefine truth and those who are faithful to the truth. Don’t let the world redefine or reframe you, the Gospel, or the issue. Hold all the more fast to the Word and will of God.
No Compromise: Elijah didn’t compromise. And God used him mightily. There’s a cost to not compromising in such a day as this, but it’s more than worth it.
Independent of the World: Elijah had weaned himself from dependency on the world, on the approval of man, even on his daily bread. Only then could he be free to fulfill his ministry. So too, it is crucial that you wean yourself from a corrupt culture, and any dependency on the world around you. Then you’ll be free to fulfill your calling.
Plugged Into God: Elijah became totally dependent on God – even for his daily bread. He was a man of prayer and by that he changed the course of history. So you too, resolve to get even more plugged into God: in daily prayer, devotion, and the Word. In times of shaking, and in times of famine, the one who is most in God’s presence, will be like a tree planted by the water – always fruitful.
Not Reactive, But Proactive: In an age of persecution Elijah refused to live on the defense, instead on the offense. He walked into king’s palaces and was an agent of God, acting upon his word. So now, the temptation is to live on the defensive, re-actively – But resist it. You are still to be the light of this world and the salt of the earth. React only to God, and act as His agent upon the world.
Defiant Faith & Confidence: Elijah covered the altar with water, believing God could still supernaturally light it on fire. That’s defiant, confident faith. God never wants us to be timid in our faith but bold. Determine to become bolder in the things of God. God’s purposes never stop, so neither must we. Elijah was not afraid to stand out or go against the grain. Neither should we. In fact we must embrace it.
Eliyahu: Elijah challenged a nation to declare that the Lord was God. His very name in Hebrew, “Eliyahu” means “My God is the Lord.” So he didn’t just proclaim that message, he was that message, and he lived it. So too, in the midst of a culture turned away from God, we have to declare that the Lord is God, not only with our words, but also our actions and our lives. If the Lord is our God, then we must truly live under His lordship, our will submitted to His will.
In Times of Shaking, Unshaken: Lastly, when the famine came to the land, Elijah was not shaken. He grew stronger. He knew His Source. So we too live in times of shaking. So we too must stand strong in our Source. And as the darkness grows darker, it’s time for us to shine brighter still.
These are the days of Elijah. You become the Elijah of the day. Set this month to putting these things into action in your life. And may God greatly anoint you as you do. Your brother and co-laborer

in His love and service,