Thursday, August 20, 2015

Shalom! Here are the Preparedness Sheet #5 INFO. handed out at the Beth Israel Jerusalem Center. A new sheet will be given out after every service over the the course of the next few weeks,Each week will cover a Different Focus and Area of preparedness.
**Two cautions that Pastor/Rabbi Jonathan Cahn has given REPEATEDLY: 1) Nothing has to happen this autumn, God is Sovereign and we can’t put Him in a box 2) Second caution: It could happen at this time. And Pastor Jonathan believes that, regardless of when it takes place, within the Shemitah or beyond, a great shaking is coming. And in any case, the keys of preparation, or disaster preparedness, is something that is wise to do and have on hand regardless, as a matter of wisdom.**
God bless!


Massive financial collapses and economic collapses affect virtually everyone’s life.  Other calamities, natural disasters, manmade disasters, may not only cause or worsen financial and economic collapses, but create other challenges as well.  

This sheet will concern financial and economic issues:

FINANCIAL – Disclaimer –We are not financial advisors and are just sharing some possibilities, to be aware of – These are not recommendations, but things that should or can be taken into consideration.  The disclaimer below applies fully to any comments here regarding finances – The reader takes full responsibility to check out, verify, assess, & decide the best course of action.

MOST IMPORTANT – THE LORD – Seek and be led by the Lord – And most important and safest thing we can do with our money is to give to the Lord – Keep your accounts with him right – These are stored up where nothing can touch them  - That is the only secure investment - He promises to bless us back, far more.

Safety & Wisdom – It is wise to go for safety in such times – It is wise not to be overextended – as in debt, etc.   And to simplify, reduce one’s needs.

The Stock Market- In the case of a financial collapse, the stock market is generally not the best place in which to have one’s funds – Many funds, including pensions are linked to the stock market without most pensioner’s knowing. The Bond Market has, at times, provided a counterbalance to the stock market, but the two have also collapsed at the same time and have done so in specific years of the Shemitah.  In times of financial upheaval or collapse, it’s generally wise to go for safety over risk

Banks & Cash – In times of great financial upheaval, banks can be shut down for extended periods of time – thus can be wise keep a store of useable cash at home.  In addition, only a certain amount of funds kept in any one bank are government insured.  And such insurances can also fail in extreme times.  Credit card systems can also be compromised or nullified by extreme collapses or disasters.  

It can thus wise to make sure one has a good store of cash on hand – And a good amount in small bills.  One just has to make sure of course it is kept safe.  And one can always redeposit funds removed from ones bank if nothing happens in a certain period of time.

Fixed Annuities, Insurance – Some recommend fixed annuities, linked to life insurance as a safer investment than others.

Precious Metals – Some recommend investing in precious metals – Gold and silver can retain or gain value if the dollar loses value (inflation) - but deflation can have the opposite effect.  Thus it is hard to say exactly what will happen with such commodities.  Though they have helped against instability in currencies and can provide a counterbalance, hedge against the dollar.  Some recommend silver as it  holds not only financial use to economic systems, but practical.

Other Currencies – If the dollar crashes, it’s possible that some other currencies may hold value or gain – But the key would be to know which ones.  And many currencies are tied to the dollar or to economies tied to the dollar.

Reverse Investing – There are those who invest against the stock market, which can gain if the stock market goes down – The gain or risk is inverse to the market.

*With the financial realm and all realms, most important to pray.  seek , & be led by the Lord’s leading

STILL TO COME:   Other Key Things:  Computer, Data, Communication – And Above All…

NOTE & DISCLAIMER– This sheet is just a guide to give keys to help as best we can – gathered from various sources (concerning which and concerning the facts therein we are in no position to verify) – It is not to be taken as authoritative, exhaustive, or complete, or containing every detail needed even concerning the steps or facts outlined –  And there could be errors.  The reader takes full responsibility to investigate, verify, check all information for his or herself, and proceed accordingly and is responsible for the results and any risk or consequence involved.