Monday, May 2, 2016


Shalom, to you my Friend and Co-Minister
in the Great Commission, 
Scripture: Proverbs 8:13
See Message: The Harbinger Live
To say that we're at a critical time in the history of America and the world is to speak the obvious. But now we're approaching an election that will determine the next four years of this critical time. Where are we? Could he biblical template of ancient Israel provide the key?
The Template And The Warning
I wrote the Harbinger in 2010. Since that time, things have only progressed in the direction of the warning, and the direction of judgement. In fact, there is in The Harbinger a quote from someone who back then had no political prominence and yet who is now running for president. (I won't go more into it, but you can find it in the book). What is the template and warning contained in The Harbinger and linked to Isaiah 9:10? It is the pattern and warning concerning a nation in rapid apostasy from God, having been warned by God, responding without repentance or humility; but with defiance and arrogance as recorded in the vow of Isaiah 9:10. The Harbinger reveals how each of the nine signs or harbingers linked to this vow have now manifested in America with eerie precision.
Where We Are Now
But it is not only the signs of judgement linked to that vow, it is the spirit behind that vow. The Scriptures speak of it as a spirit of pride and arrogance. They were telling God, in effect, "We will not humble ourselves or repent, but we will come back, by our own power, and we will make Israel great again and greater than before. "In the past few years, America has not only failed to return to God, it has accelerated its descent into apostasy. We have crossed the line with marriage. We have continued to kill millions of the unborn, and trafficked their bodies for money. We have now ever begun to throw believers in jail for not going along with our apostasy. And the Supreme Court now hangs in the balance. What we need is prayer, repentance, a return to God; revival. We need this spirit not only in America, but among God's people in America.
The Choice Before Us
We have on one side those running for president who, according to their own stated positions, will only accelerate America's apostasy from God. The front runner has even stated, "Deep-seated religious beliefs...must be changed." And why? So abortion, the killing of the unborn, can continue and expand. On the other hand, there is the promise of our nation becoming great again without any return to God. And many believers appear to be choosing that path over a path based on the matters commanded in the Word of God. Regardless of motives, we need to be clear about what this spirit is- it is Isaiah 9:10- and it leads to disaster.
Let us commit ourselves to pray all the more diligently this month for God's will on this land, for God's Spirit on His people, for repentance, for return, and for revival-and let that revival start with each of us! May God greatly bless you this month as you do!
You brother and co-laborer in His love and service,