Friday, October 2, 2015


Dear Friend,

In Hebrew, Eem means "With." Anu means "Us." And El means "God." Eem Anu El means "With Us Is God" - Immanuel. It's the name Messiah, and a Hebrew sentence. Messiah's existence on earth was the manifestation of this reality "With us is God." 

Word for the Month & for Thursday, Oct. 1
Scripture: Isa. 41:10
See Messages: Anokhee Eemkhah

The same reality is manifested throughout the Scriptures in another form, "Anokhee Eemkhah." When Jacob was fleeing for his life, God spoke to him. He said, "Anokhee which means "I am with you" or "I will be with you." It was the first great crisis in Jacob's life. He didn't know if he would ever return to his or his homeland. He was setting off, in fear, as a man in exile, to be a stranger in a strange land. It is at that moment that God gives him a word more important than any other -- I am with you. The promise had no qualifier, no conditions. It meant that no matter what lay ahead, God would be with him. In the mountains and the valleys, God would be with him. In times of danger, in times feeling lost and alone, God would be with him. When his world seemed to collapse around him, when everything he had known had passed away, and what awaited him was the unknown, God would not pass away or change. God would be with him. All of the challenges in Jacob's life, all the problems, all the conflicts, all the confusion would be overruled by those two Hebrew words "Anokhee "I am with you." It would mean that no matter what happened in his exile, Jacob would survive, he would return from his wanderings, and be restored to his family, his land and his home. Those two Hebrew words, Anokhee Eemkhah reappear throughout Scripture. God speaks it not just to a chosen one, but to all His people, as He says to Israel: "Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name. You are mine. When you pass through the fire, I will be with you; then you pass through the waters, they will not sweep over you. The promise of God is not that you won't walk through the waters or the fire, that you won't know hardship and tribulation, that you won't journey through the shadow death. The promise God is better than that. It is that even in all you do, God will be there, walking with you. If you journey to the ends of the earth, He will be with you. If you make your bed in Sheol, He will be with you. The promise is for all His people. It doesn't exempt us from the tribulations of this world, but it does something better, it overcomes everything else. And because of that, you are to "fear not." or God is with you. He will never leave or forsake you. No matter what you go through, He will be there, in the mountains, in the valleys, in all things, and will bring about His will in your life, into the land of promises.

This month focus on knowing the God who says to you "Anokhee Eemkhah" "I am with you." And may the Lord greatly bless you as you do.

Your brother and co-laborer in His love and service,