Monday, April 13, 2015

Rabbi sees U.S. on an 
alarming trajectory
Published: Thursday, April 9, 2015 
The message Jonathan Cahn plans to deliver in Bradenton tonight is not for the faint of heart. Cahn, a Messianic rabbi and best-selling author, contends the United States is on a parallel track to that of ancient Israel — one that led to Israel's downfall around 740 B.C. and which soon could lead to a similar fate for this country. He lays out his premise in two of his most recent books, “The Harbinger” (2012) and “The Mystery of the Shemitah” (2014), and will summarize both at the Christian Retreat in East Manatee, just as he did before members of Congress as the keynote speaker at the Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast in 2013.
“I'm going to speak about what has been happening and what lies ahead, for America and the world,” Cahn, 62, said during a phone interview this week. “I'm going to share on the very specific signs of judgment that have appeared in America, and the course in which we're heading.” Cahn cites, for example, the pattern of events and economic downturns in U.S. and Israeli history that have fallen during — and often on a specific significant date associated with the Shemitah — the seventh year of the seven-year cycle mandated by the Torah. Among them: the three greatest long-term U.S. stock market crashes, the majority of stock market crashes in terms of points and in percentage and 100 percent of the greatest stock market crashes since World War II.
And it is the U.S. response to those attacks, Cahn notes, that raise the biggest cause for concern. The very words uttered by Jewish leaders in response to the Assyrian attacks, as recorded in Isaiah 9:10, are the very words that were spoken by U.S. leaders in the aftermath of 9/11. “It has been American leaders themselves who actually have pronounced judgment on the nation by uttering the exact same words uttered by the leaders of ancient Israel that brought destruction to that nation,” Cahn said. “It happened in the Capitol building on the day after 9/11; it happened three years later in Washington, D.C., by another major American leader. Even the president of the United States has been involved in issuing these pronouncements of judgment. And none of these people know what they're doing, or realize that they are being part of the manifestation of the harbingers. That's what makes it all the more stunning, that it's actually happening.” 
Cahn presides over Hope of the World ministries and is senior pastor of the Jerusalem Center in Wayne, New Jersey, which, in his own words, is “a United Nations of people — Jew and gentile — people truly of every tribe and tongue.” Having a broad interfaith audience and a national platform, Cahn keeps a constant eye on international events, and shared his view on the tentative agreement between the U.S and Iran over Iran's nuclear program: “The agreement has many loopholes, because of which most people in Israel are very alarmed,” he said.
“For such an extreme regime with such apocalyptic beliefs to pursue nuclear weapons is very dangerous. And my concern is also for America. … America has blessed Israel more than any other modern nation, and has been not coincidentally the most blessed nation on earth. But now we are watching not only America fall away from God and his ways, but also we're watching the worst moment of relations between America and Israel since they began, and so the concern is that our government is putting Israel in danger. A nation that puts Israel in danger will also be put in danger.”

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