Thursday, May 1, 2014


Dear Friend,
One of the most common of words and yet filled with revelation.
Word for the Month & for Thursday, May 1
Scripture: Luke 11:13
See Message: Ruach
There are many ideas of what the Spirit-filled life is.  For many, it is to speak in tongues or manifest the supernatural gifts of the Spirit.  For others it means being exuberant in worship.  For others, it tends to mean acting strange.  But to live by the Spirit is something much deeper than any of these things.
The Word of God tells us to live in the Spirit.  But what does this mean?  In Hebrew the word for the Spirit is “Ruach.”   Ruach can mean ‘the Wind.’  Thus the Holy Spirit is the Holy Wind.   And thus on the day of Pentecost, the Spirit came with the sound of a mighty rushing wind.   But Ruach also means ‘the breath.’  And so it is written:
         “And when He said this, He breathed on them and said to them:  Receive the Holy Spirit.”   
John 20:22
In Hebrew, it’s already joined together.  The Spirit is linked to breath. What is the Holy Spirit? It is the Holy Breath. And what is the Spirit of God – it is as the Breath of God.
What is breath?  Breath is the most basic and intimate phenomenon linked to life.  If you stop breathing, you stop living.  The most apparent sign that someone is alive is that they’re still breathing.  The Spirit of God is as the breath of God.  It is His life.   As you in our physical beings live by breath, God lives by Spirit.  
But the Bible goes farther than that.  It is not just that God is linked to the Spirit, but that God gives His Spirit to us.   In other words, as God lives by His Spirit, you are to now live by that same Spirit – you are to live by the breath of God.  What does that mean?    It means that your relationship with God is the most intimate relationship possible – you are to breathe with His breath – to live His life – to be living in His living.
The Bible speaks of God as the Bridegroom.  In Hebrew, the word for bridegroom is khatan.  Khatan means ‘the one who joins himself.’  God is the One who joins Himself to us, totally and absolutely.  When the apostle Paul speaks of the mystery of Messiah and His people, He uses the picture of man and woman joined together – the two becoming one.  The key of life in God is the same – the two become one in Spirit.  The two become one in breath.
The key to breakthrough in your life with God is not simply trying to follow Him and be like Him – but becoming one with Him.  Not simply trying to live a godly life, but letting God live His godly life in you, through His Spirit, and through you breathing His breath, the holy breath.  
The Spirit of God is the Breath of God.  Therefore you have the power now to live in His living, move in His moving, be in His being, and overcome in His overcoming.
This month, learn the secret of breathing His breath and doing all things in the doing of God.   And may the Lord greatly bless you as you do!
Your brother and co-laborer
in His love and service,