Thursday, December 5, 2013


Dear Friend,  As we close this year and get ready for the new, a personal look back: 

A Look Back… 

Word for the Month & for Sunday, Dec. 1 
Scripture: Romans 12:2 
See Message: Word For The Year 2013

It has been a most amazing year. We’ve seen the Lord continue to move in ways that we could hardly have
imagined only a few years ago. For those of you who have been a part of Hope of the World for years, you  
were the first to hear the teachings of The Harbinger through the ministry, long before it spread across the
nation. And for you who are new members, many of you became aware of Hope of the World because of
what God has been doing with The Harbinger.

It’s been totally His hand. We knew that The Harbinger was a “God-thing” - but it wasn’t only His hand in the message, but in its being sent forth to America. The Lord has opened the doors for the word to spread across
the nation, through the Baptist world, the Charismatic world , from TBN to Walmart, from Mike Huckabee to
Pat Boone, to Members of Congress, Senators, and those who lead this nation.

Most importantly, since The Harbinger came out, we’ve received reports from around the country of lives
changed, people saved, repentance, and the birthing of movements of prayer and revival in the church.

At the same time, America, in its mainstream culture has continued, accelerated, in its rapid descent from
God. When The Harbinger came out, American public opinion passed the 50% mark in favor of ending the
biblical definition of marriage. This is the tipping point. When a tipping point is reached, the momentum
accelerates and the dynamics begins to change. This is what we are now witnessing in America.

The signs of America’s rejection of God appear almost every day and are multiplying. This past year alone saw the Supreme Court ruling against the Word of God, the punishing of believers in one court decision after the
other for simply not partaking in sin, and the beginning signs of persecution for God’s people.

I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that the tipping point of apostasy and the warning of The Harbinger have
happened at the same time. Before judgment comes, God warns.

The Lord has given all of us, all of you who are part, a key role to play in the end-times. Your prayers have
been crucial. Your support has been life giving. And your giving has made the difference. These are critical times, but also encouraging and exciting. These are the days that test what is of God. And that which is proven, comes out stronger than ever – If the dark is getting darker, then the lights must shine even brighter – Just as in the Book of Acts.

Thank you my friends for all your prayers, all your support, all your generosity, and your faithfulness. Without that, we couldn’t do what the Lord has given us to do. This month set out to be all the more strong in the Lord – and of good courage. The Lord is on the throne. And we remain, firmly, absolutely, and definitively, on the winning side!

Your brother and co-laborer
 in His love and service,