Friday, March 1, 2013

Word For The Month & March 1, 2013, A Chilling Inauguration

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Recently I shared with you a message called “The Tipping Point.” Since then, America’s spiritual apostasy has

A Chilling Inauguration

Word for the Month & for Friday, March 1
Scripture: Psalm 48:14
See Message: Days of the Golden Calf

On January 21, 2013, the Washington Mall was filled with onlookers as the president was publicly sworn into
office. But the inauguration was significant for much more than this central act.

The inauguration marked the first time in American history that a born again believer was, in effect, barred from participating in the inauguration, barred from praying a prayer, because he believed what the Bible clearly says – namely that homosexuality is a sin. Just four years ago, Rick Warren prayed at the presidential inauguration. But now, just four years later, Lou Giglio was, in effect, hounded out of his place of praying because he had about fifteen or so years ago declared that homosexuality is a sin. This is a stunning development. Now, in effect, if you truly believe in the Bible, you are banned from the public square.

Those pastors who were chosen to pray at the inauguration, were all supporters of gay marriage, or, in other words, the ending of the biblical definition of marriage. It was also noted that in one of the quotes, the phrase, ‘under God’, was omitted.
Beyond all this, the presidential inauguration was unique in that, for the first time, the inaugural address included the issue of homosexuality – and far more than that. He spoke of “the star that guides us still, just as it guided our forebears through Seneca Falls, and Selma, and Stonewall….”
Of what was Obama speaking? Seneca Falls and Selma concerned seminal moments in the movement for women’s rights and black civil rights. But what was Stonewall? Stonewall was a mafia-owned bar frequented by drag queens, transsexuals, and male prostitutes. In June of 1969, the police raided it. The reaction was a violent uprising. The police were surrounded, attacked, injured. This was the beginning of the gay rights movement and gay militancy as we know it today.
What was the president doing by mentioning it? He was changing the American narrative. The star that was now guiding us (America) was the same that guided “our forbears,” the transsexuals, drag queens, and male prostitutes who violently attacked the police that summer day in 1969. The president was thus enlisting the entire nation into the movement of gay advocacy and militancy. Their movement was now America’s movement. Their cause and goal was now the cause and goal of America.
The ramifications of this for any born again and Bible-believing follower of Messiah, are chilling. The gay advocacy movement sees as its number one opponent, Bible-believing Christians. It has no place for them. So if America is now enlisted into this movement – there will be no place for believers: culturally, socially, or legally. In other words…persecution.
On the same morning of the inauguration, I was asked to give the keynote address at the Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast. The speech I gave was very different from that of the president. We’ll share of this in the future. (In the meantime, you can see it online). In a day when darkness increasingly rules, it is time for those who are light, not to be intimidated, not to hold back, and not to hide their light. It’s time for them to shine more strongly and more brightly than ever before. Shine strong, with the light and glory of your God! God bless you this month with His power and anointing to strongly and boldly shine your light!

Your brother and co-laborer,
in His love and service,