Monday, January 28, 2013

This is Hope of the World ministries – It’s our aim that this critical word – A Message To America – that Jonathan Cahn delivered at The Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast go forth and be spread as far as possible – We know that this is your aim as well.  For that reason we initially posted our record of the event on the web.  Unfortunately, for now, we had to take down our posting from our own site since we were informed that there were legal contractual stipulations between the organizer of the event and the media company that had also and officially filmed the event. We don’t want anyone posting it to be legally liable or for there to be any legal repercussions for anyone, which could also result in the message being legally impounded and never coming out.  We’ve been informed that if it’s been posted, it needs to be taken down.   We also don’t want the presidential seal linked to it which was mistakenly joined.  The media company working on this did their own filming, and thus have the only official, entire, professional, and full version of the message, including what happened before and what happened at the end, the explosion in the Spirit.  They have told us that they intend to get this out as soon and as widely as possible, including on television.  That is our only prayer.  Pray that this happens.  As soon as we hear any news we will seek to let everyone know.    Thank you for your help.  And God bless you!   Hope of the World.